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  • Cut & sew your clips, change their speed, improve video quality
  • Swap background with Chroma Key, add 450+ effects and titles
  • Export movies in Full HD, upload to YouTube, or burn to DVD
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Awesome Movies in a Few Clicks. Even on a Slow Computer

Use Clipify to make movies automatically

Auto Video Creation

Want to make a jaw-dropping movie in just 5 minutes? Then start this video creator and choose a theme. There are templates for lots of occasions - weddings, kids’ birthdays, vacations, Christmas, etc. Next, add your videos, accompany them with a soundtrack - and bam! - your movie is done. Just trim some lengthy clips if needed and add text to the title cards.

150+ Spectacular Effects

Your video could use some zest? This program offers you 150+ eye-catching effects and filters. Give your movie a delicious retro vibe with vintage effects, render your footage black and white or sepia for a more stylish finish, recreate the color palette of a popular movie or an art house flick, add fog, flames, sunbeams, sparks, or glow - all of that in a click.
Spice up your footage with effects
Explore built-in music library

Built-In Music Library

Don’t have time to look for the proper soundtrack? This automatic video editor has over 200 royalty-free music tracks you can use. There are tunes of all genres, moods, and tempos. They are all divided into categories for your convenience. Epic and dynamic, serene and mellow , melancholic and emotional - you are sure to find the perfect track for your movie.

Chroma Key Feature

Have a video shot against a plain background or a green screen? Automatically swap its backdrop for a more gripping one. Clipify offers you the nifty Chroma Key tool that you can use like a true movie wizard. Just a few clicks and you will be able to send your video subject to an enchanted forest, exotic beach, haunted castle, or an abandoned space station.
Change the background of a green sceen video

Ditch Complex Softwares. You Have Auto Video Editor Now

Chroma Key
Change a plain background of your video in a snap
Effects & Filters
Stylize your footage with dozens of gorgeous effects
Cool Transitions
Create a smooth flow with gradients or curtain wipes
Title Cards for Days
No title card - no movie. Make sure to add one
Video Quality Fix
Improve your footage quality in terms of color and tone
No hand-held camera effect - get rid of shaking with ease
Video Templates
Create a video greeting card for X-mas, birthday, wedding
Webcam Capture
Record yourself with your webcam and edit the footage

Why Is Clipify Worthy of Your Attention?

Most video makers are insanely hard to grasp. Moreover, they are insatiable when it comes to hardware. Clipify is a different story. Thanks to the auto video editing approach, it doesn’t require hours to master. A school kid, a stay-at-home mom, or an elderly user - all will have fun creating videos with Clipify. Besides, it works fine even on low-end PCs so you won’t have to buy new equipment just for movie making.
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How to Jump-Start Your Movie Maker Career with Clipify

Add your videos to the timeline
Step 1
Add your footage to the Timeline. Automatically enhance its quality
Trim your clips
Step 2
Cut, trim, and glue your clips together. Add animated title cards
Add stylish effects
Step 3
Apply stylish effects: retro, bokeh, lomo, etc. Add transitions to set the pace
Export your video file
Step 4
Save your video for TV, iPad, smartphone. Upload it to YouTube & Facebook
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Best Toolkit for Easy Movie Making

Editing & Enhancing Tools
Cut, trim, and stitch with ease. Rotate the footage. Enhance video quality in a click. Color correct with Curves.
Captions and Titles
Enjoy dozens of title clip designs. Add custom text captions. Pick a style from 50+ options or create your own.
Stickers & Cliparts
Spice up your footage with funny, romantic, or refined cliparts. Use stickers to create a comic strip effect.
Eye-Catching Effects
Use 150+ filters to give your movie a certain feel: an old flick, an action film, a romantic comedy.
Change Footage Speed
Alter the pace of your movie by speeding up or slowing down the original footage.
Video Stabilization
Use auto stabilization to get rid of a shaky cam effect. Crop out black bars on the sides.
Footage Cropping
Cut the frame to leave out what’s unimportant. Zoom in the footage to shift focus. Change aspect ratio.
Audio Editing Tools
Get access to 200+ tracks or use your own. Fine-tune audio. Record, edit, and add voice comments.
Cinematic Transitions
Sprinkle your video creation with transitions. Gradients, slides, and splits - there’s something for every taste.
Have tons of film ideas? Clipify will help you showcase your movie making talents!
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  • Enjoy 150+ stunning special effects & create your own
  • Polish you footage: stabilize it, correct tone and colors
  • Get access to hundreds of free music tracks of all genres