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How to Crop a Video Step by Step?

1. Select your clip
Upload your MP4 video up to 50MB in size into the program. Use the button or drag & drop.
2. Crop the video
Drag the corners of your video clip to adjust the cropping area.
3. Save your result
Click the Save Video button to download your newly cropped footage. That’s it!
MP4 video cropping
Meet video aspect ratio requirements for any social network

Optimize clips for social media

Social networks like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook have specific requirements for video aspect ratios. With this MP4 cropper, you can easily crop video to any size and meet the requirements of any platform.

Watch videos on any device

Video cropping lets you remove distracting black bars. They appear when the aspect ratio of the played clip does not match the dimensions of the screen. This editor lets you enjoy your video to its fullest on your smartphone, TV, or computer screen.
Watch on any device without black bars
Balance the composition

Enhance overall composition

To make sure the elements within the frame are well-balanced and visually appealing, you need to crop your video. Shift the viewer's attention to important details, gestures, or facial expressions and create an aesthetically pleasing composition with this video editing technique.


What is video cropping?
It's a process of adjusting the aspect ratio of a video by resizing it or removing unwanted parts from the frame. To do this, you can use specialized video cropping software.
Does cropping a video affect its overall video size?
When you crop a video, you remove a portion of the original video frame, which can lead to a decrease in the overall file size.
How do you crop a video?
Cropping is super easy. Just upload your clip to the Video Cropper tool, adjust the aspect ratio with crop handles, and save the result.
Can you crop a video with no watermark?
Sure! You can crop your footage using Video Cropper without watermarking. This web-based program is also free and easy to use.
Can you crop a video online for free?
Yes, there are many tools on the Internet that let you modify the frame completely free of charge, but they do require you to register. To simplify your search and avoid creating an account, use the free online Video Cropper.
Looking for more than just a video cropper?
Try out Clipify, an all-round video editor!
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