How to Record Google Meet?

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How to Record Google Meet – 6 Easy Ways

The number of people working remotely and businesses going international is on the rise. And Google Meet is one of the services that make it possible. Teams can discuss tasks, exchange ideas, and keep in touch online just as with regular office meet-ups. Unfortunately, people may sometimes be unable to attend a meeting or take notes fast enough. To prevent the critical info from being lost, can you record a Google Meet call? The answer is “Yes!”

Google Meet already has a built-in recording feature, but it comes with a set of limitations and caveats. In case you might need a more robust solution, we will explore other tools and provide step-by-step guides. Keep reading and learn to do Google Meet recording free of any hassle!

A Google Meet call
Meet Google Meet – a new standard of communication

However, before we get down to the nitty-gritty of how to record a Google Meet session, there are some aspects that you should be aware of.

Google Meet Recording – Things to Know

There are things that you should take into account before the call begins. So, let’s address some important questions right now:

  • Can Google Meet be recorded?

    Yes, Google Meet has a recording feature, so you may not even have to use any third-party programs.

  • How can I record Google Meet as a student?

    Firstly, you require a G Suite account. Secondly, you have to be a member of the same organization as the meeting’s host. Thirdly, you need permission from the host. If these conditions are satisfied, simply join a meeting, click More, and select Start recording.

  • Can I record Google Meet without an Enterprise account?

    Yes. You still require a G Suite account to access the recorder, but you don’t need an Enterprise subscription since 2020.

  • How can I record Google Meet without permission?

    If there’s no opportunity to get a recording permission from the host, you can use an external app or a browser extension of your choice.

  • How can I record Google Meet without G Suite?

    You have to use a third-party program. There are plenty of options for any platform – PC, Mac, mobile, and online.

With all that sorted out, let’s assume that your call is about to start. Now you are ready to pick a proper way of how to screen record on Google Meet:

How to Record Google Meet Calls With Built-In Tool

Using an out-of-the-box feature is the easiest and most accessible way to record meetings on Google Meet. However, it still has its limitations. One, you must have a G Suite account as well as permission to record from the host. Two, all recordings are saved as MP4 videos. If you wish to learn more, you may go to the official support page. In case you have no issues with these drawbacks, here’s what to do:

  1. Start or join a meeting. If you are the host, click Start. If you are a guest, click Join.
  2. Click More, then select Record meeting from the drop-down menu. Your recording will start right away.
  3. To end the recording, click Stop or just wait for the call to conclude.
A built-in screen recorder for Google Meet
Recording a call with a built-in Google Meet feature

How to Record Google Meet on a Windows PC

In case you’re a Windows user and looking for a free automatic video editor with capture tools, then opt for Clipify. This user-friendly software lets you create screen, voiceover, and webcam recordings together and individually. It also lets you edit your footage right away — mute and cut out unnecessary parts, make a low quality video look better, overlay captions & stickers, etc. Here’s how to record Google Meet sessions with Clipify:

  1. Launch Clipify after installing it on your PC.
  2. Create a new project and click the Capture Screen Video button.
  3. Select the recording settings: capture area, mouse cursor, mic, webcam, and computer audio.
  4. Click Start Recording to begin. Use the Pause and Stop buttons to control the recording. Once finished, it will be automatically moved to the editor for further processing and saving.
A video editor and a screen recorder for Windows PCs
Screen capture with desktop software for Windows PCs

How to do Google Meet Recording in a Browser

If you are accessing Google Meet via a web browser, you may use a browser extension for recording the call. One such extension that we can get behind is It is a straightforward Chrome plugin for recording Google Meet sessions or any other browser activity. It captures both your microphone and system audio, adds no watermark, and is totally free. also has an autosaving feature that allows you to retrieve your recordings in case of a system crash or a power outage. Here’s how to record on Google Meet using this tool:

  1. Go to the Chrome store and install the extension.
  2. Run the extension and select a recording mode.
  3. Click Start recording and select a display if you have multiple.
  4. Click the Stop button to end the recording. for Chrome in action
Using a screen recording browser extension

Want to edit a Google Meet recording and turn it from raw footage to an engaging video? Then try an automatic video editor that'll help you easily make an eye-catching montage.

How to Record Google Meet Video on an iPhone

Each iOS device comes with a built-in recording tool. So, if you attend a meeting using an iPhone, then you need nothing else for the screen recording of a Google Meet session. This is a rather basic tool with next to no editing options, but if your goal is only to record and share the footage, that is more than enough. However, before you can use the default screen recorder, you may have to meddle with the setting of your device a little:

  1. Go to Settings and open Control Center.
  2. Open Customize Controls and find Screen Recording.
  3. Turn Screen Recording on.

Once it is activated, here’s how to use the iOS tool for recording on Google Meet calls:

  1. Access the Control Center by swiping down from the screen top, or up from the Home button if your device has one.
  2. Tap the Record button. The capture will start after a countdown.
  3. Tap on the red time indicator to stop the recording.
A built-in iOS recorder
Recording an iPhone screen

Do you have WebM video files that need a little editing? Then make sure to read this article to learn how to edit a WebM video with utmost ease.

How to Record Google Meet Sessions on Android

Many Android devices have a screen capture feature. However, phones powered by Android come in much greater variety than iOS devices. Keep that in mind, since the way you access the built-in recorder may vary a little from phone to phone. Here’s how to do recording on Google Meet with Android features:

  1. Swipe down from the top part of your screen twice. Then tap Screen record.
  2. If the Screen record icon is not there, go to Edit and drag that icon to Quick Settings.
  3. Tap Start. The recording will commence after the countdown.
  4. Swipe down from the screen top and tap the popup notification to stop the recording.
A default Android recorder
Capturing an Android device screen
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How to Record Google Meet Calls With Special App

Apart from built-in tools and browser extensions, there's standalone third-party software. Screencast-O-Matic is a great screen recorder for Google Meet calls. It has a version for any major platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and web) and also offers additional tools to do some basic editing right away.

One major drawback of any version is that you need a subscription to access most of its extra features. Here’s how to do recording on Google Meet with Screencast-O-Matic on a desktop:

  1. Download the installer from the official website.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. Select to record screen, webcam, or both.
  4. Select the Google Meet window to record.
  5. Click the red Rec button to begin recording.
  6. Click Stop to end the recording.
Screencast-O-Matic – a universal app
Using an all-round recording tool

How to Record Google Meet – Final Thoughts

Google Meet is one of the cornerstones of modern business communication and distance learning. It has changed the way that lectures and meetings are conducted. Recording a Google Meet call is useful for making transcriptions, sharing information with coworkers or students, and referencing in the future.

So, let's recap what we have learned about how to record a Google Meet video call. The simplest approach is to use the recording tool of Google Meet itself. However, a G Suite account and the host’s permission are required. Alternatively, you can choose a third-party screen recorder for Google Meet sessions. There are options for any platform – from an extension for your browser to free tools built into almost any mobile device.

Make sure to examine the benefits, drawbacks, costs, and usability before selecting a preferable method. It will guarantee that you can record continuously and hassle-free.

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