How to Edit WebM Files?

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How to Edit WebM Videos - 7 Ways to Try

WebM (Web Media File) is a common free media file format designed for web pages and online streaming. The main advantage of this format is that its core technologies are open for anyone to improve. When you see files with such a format, you may be wondering if it’s at all possible to edit them because finding a reliable WebM editor that is free and has diverse features can be a challenging task.

Today, we’ll show you how to work with WebM files and what programs you need to get the job done. In this guide, you’ll find out how to trim and enhance videos, edit their speed and sound, and add text to your clips. You will see how to edit WebM files with Clipify. This is a free video editor that allows you to create stunning films without much effort. This software provides a wide range of editing options and is suitable for users of all skill levels. In addition, we'll outline 4 alternative programs for editing WebM videos without losing quality.

How to edit WebM files - before and after
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Now it’s high time to start editing your clips. Download Clipify and see how exciting the editing process can be.

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Ready to find out how to make your video better? Check out the step-by-step guide below to edit WebM files as soon as possible!

Way 1. Join WebM Files into One

Join your videos into one clip instead of overloading your computer. You’ll be able to create an extended video clip and replay your files continuously to have a better viewing experience.

  1. Run ClipifyStart the WebM file editor and choose the New Project option.
  2. Choose your WebM filesThere are 2 ways to add your media files. You can click Add Photos and Videos to import your clips into the program or drag and drop them to the timeline.
  3. Arrange your clips. If you don’t like the way your videos are organized, click on the file and drag it to another place on the timeline. To delete one of them, left-click it and choose Delete or use the same-name option on the toolbar. That’s all! Now your clips are joined together into a single video.
Arrange your WebM files
Join as many clips as you want

Way 2. Crop the WebM Videos

When it comes to uploading your video online, you may face the common problem of black bars that make your clip look worse. But this problem can be easily solved - just change the aspect ratio of a video. Follow this guide to stay away from this situation.

  1. Set the aspect ratio. Click the video track and pick the Crop icon on the toolbar. The fastest way is to choose ready-made presets, including the most popular 16:9 and 4:3 formats. But you can also apply custom settings by typing the desired size or set the aspect ratio manually using Free Crop.
  2. Save your cropped video. Once you’re done with editing, click the Create Video button. You can export your video in WebM format for the Web or choose other options for PCs, DVD players and smartphones.
Crop your video
Get rid of black bars on the sides and make your clip suitable for watching

Way 3. Auto Enhance Your WebM Video Files

If you want to enhance your video quality but don’t have experience with adjusting contrast, tone, and lighting, then pay attention to the auto enhancement feature available in Clipify. With just a click, you can improve your footage and make the overall video look much better. Let's see how we can do it.

  1. Auto enhancement. On the toolbar, click Edit and open the Enhancement tab. Here, check the Auto Enhancement box. The program will increase the brightness and sharpness, making your video look more natural. Want to preview the result? Click the Play button to watch your movie.
  2. Video effects. Want to add a special atmosphere to your video? Apply numerous filters to your clips in the Effects tab. Choose Cinematic to make your WebM files look like movies. Landscape effects are a great way to add a final touch to your nature clips. Working on a love-story video? Apply romantic filters to convey the mood of your clip.
Edit your WebM video automatically
Choose Auto Enhancement to make the editing process faster
Looking for handy software to edit WebM files with ease?
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Way 4. Change the Speed of Your Video

Have a long video of the night sky and now want to edit this WebM file to upload it to your website? Or perhaps you want to make your media file look more impressive with a slow-mo effect? Whatever your goal is, with Clipify, you can not only slow down a video but also speed it up. Follow the tutorial below to find out how to edit video speed.

  1. Split your video. If you need to edit only a part of your video, then you should split it first. To do that, move the cursor to the part of the movie you want to isolate and click Split on the toolbar.
  2. Edit the speed. Select the clip you’re going to work with, click the Edit button on the toolbar, and go to the Video Speed tab. You can slow down or speed up your video by choosing the corresponding option. To optimize it yourself, select Custom Speed in the drop-down menu and drag the Video Speed slider below. Move the slider to the left to make your video slower or to the right to increase its speed.
Edit the speed of your video
Slow-mo your video to give it an epic look

Way 5. Edit the Sound of Your WebM File

Saved a video from a website but realized that its original sound is so quiet that you can barely hear anything? This problem can be easily solved with Clipify. You can make a video louder with just a click, mute it, or add one of the 200+ free soundtracks offered by the software.

  1. Change the volume of your clips. To edit your WebM video's sound, click Edit on the toolbar and stay on the General tab. Drag the Sound Volume slider to make it louder or quieter. Also, you can fix parts of your clips. Right-click the track below and choose Add Audio Point. Then put 2 or more points on the loudest parts and move them down to find the perfect volume balance.
  2. Add music suitable for your video. In the timeline below the video, double-click to add your music or switch to the Files tab and click Open Music Collection. Clipify offers over 200 soundtracks. Here, choose the category or genre you need and pick a soundtrack that fits your clip's mood.
  3. Mute the sound if needed. If the sound quality of your clip is poor or it’s a foreign language video, you may want to mute the video. Click Edit on the toolbar, switch to the General tab, and choose the Mute option to silence your media file.
    1. Accompany your clips with a soundtrack
      Find the track you need with the help of pace, duration and mood filters

      Want to make your GoPro video clips more engaging? You can enhance them in mere minutes - read this guide to learn more about how to edit GoPro videos on PC.

      Way 6. Stabilize Your Video

      Need to post a video on a website, but notice that it’s shaky? In this case, the Clipify WebM editor comes in handy. It will help you stabilize your video so you can easily catch every detail of it. Look through the guide below to learn more about this feature.

      1. Select the file. Drag your shaky video to the timeline or open it by clicking the Add Videos and Photos button.
      2. Remove a hand-camera effect. Click Edit on the toolbar and switch to the Enhancement tab. Pick the Image Stabilization feature and apply it. That’s it - now your video is no longer quivering. It seems easy, doesn’t it?
      Stabilize your video with a single click
      Don’t let the shaky effect spoil your video

      Way 7. Add Text Captions and Logos to the Webm Videos

      Want to brand your clips with your logo or some text captions to make them more recognizable, but have no idea how to do it? With Clipify, you can easily add logos to videos in no time and for free. Keep reading this guide to find out more about the process.

      1. Upload your logo. Switch to the Clipart tab and click Add from File to upload your logo to Clipify. It will automatically appear on the screen.
      2. Adjust the logo look. Drag the corners of the logo to resize it. To reposition your logo, click on it, hold down the left mouse button, and move the cursor. If you need to adjust the opacity, make the background visible, or add a fade-in effect, double-click on the logo to access the Edit Layer options.
      3. Add text if necessary. In case you want to add text to your video, switch to the Text tab. Pick the style of your caption and drag it onto the Timeline. Adjust the text size and position it in any part of your video.
      Add your logo to any WebM video
      Put the logo on the timeline where you want it to appear

      As you can see, Clipify has plenty of features that you can use to enhance your videos. You’ll be surprised, but that’s not all you can do with this powerful software! Want to know how to edit WebM files with this program for free? Watch the video below and see what it’s like in practice!

      Clipify video review

      Want to try this video editing software yourself? Download it for free today and make stunning content for your website or use it to create your own movies.

      Alternative Ways to Edit WebM Videos

      Clipify has many useful features to handle your video. However, you may want to try all the possible options not only on your PC but also on other devices. Clipify is a WebM editor for Windows, but you can also try OpenShot Video Editor. With it, you can create stunning animations, apply artistic video effects, and add unlimited tracks to your clips. But according to some technology blog reviews, the software crashes very often while editing videos on a laptop and can’t work with heavy files on Windows 10.

      Add various effects to your clips with OpenShot Video Editor
      Create stunning movies with OpenShot Video Editor for free

      If you have macOS, then you should try iMovie. You can edit WebM files with the help of this pre-installed editing program that comes with templates, sound effects, and a variety of patterned backgrounds. But it’s compatible only with the latest iOS and macOS devices.

      Want to edit WebM files on your smartphone? Then go for InVideo, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This is a video editor that you can use to shoot, edit, and share your movies. You can easily speed up or slow down your clips, cut and crop them, or level them up with animations and cinematic effects. But all these features are not free, and you’ll have to purchase a subscription. If you want to check how to edit WebM files with this app, use the free trial for 3 days.

      Don’t want to download WebM editors as they take up too much space on your computer? Then WeVideo might be a good option for you. This is a free online editor that offers built-in stock content, customizable templates, and powerful effects like a green screen that allow you to edit WebM files and create ads and promos. However, you have to purchase one of 6 plans to use all its features. With a free plan, you can still work with multiple video formats, but at low resolution.


      Now you know how to edit WebM video files and can easily put your new knowledge into practice. Use iMovie if you prefer working with macOS and want to produce stunning clips. OpenShot is great if you’re looking for Windows software and want to try something simple. Don’t want to install heavy programs? Then try the online program named WeVideo instead of spending time mastering complex desktop software. However, Clipify is a good choice if you need a WebM video editor that is free, quick to learn, and has multiple tools and capabilities. This convenient software gives you enough flexibility and enables you to edit movies like a pro.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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