How to Increase the Volume
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How to Make a Video Louder – Top 6 Ways in 2024

Any video production can suffer from recalibrated or malfunctioning hardware. Among other issues, that might cause the sound volume to be too low. Fortunately, anyone with the right tools at hand has a chance to work around this problem and salvage otherwise wasted footage.

In this article, we will explore how to increase the volume of a video step by step. We offer 6 ways for different platforms: desktop and online, free and paid. Read along and pick a video sound booster that fits your needs, skills, and gear.

Increasing loudness of a video
Turn the volume up with Clipify

1. How to Make the Sound Louder on a Video with Clipify

Clipify is an automatic video editor designed for a general audience, and you can post-produce videos with it for free. Anyone can make engaging and creative clips with it. Seasoned editors can find a lot of advanced functions for a more intricate montage. Clipify includes everything you might need to create high-quality content – color correction, slowing down videos, chroma-key editing, effects library, transitions, stock media, and audio processing features.

Here’s how to increase the sound on a prerecorded video with Clipify:

Step 1. Import a Video in the Program

Run the program and click the New Project button. Create a blank project and open the video you need. You can either click Add Videos and Photos and find your clip in the file browser, or drag and drop it from a folder directly to the timeline.

Upload a video to the program
Open the clip you want to make more audible

Step 2. Make a Video Louder

Select the video track on the timeline, and click the Edit button. Then go to the General tab and move the Sound Volume slider to the right.

Increase the volume value
Just drag the sound volume slider to push the sound to the limit

Step 3. Level the Volume

Some parts of the audio might get too loud if you increase the volume across the whole track. To make certain parts quieter, right-click on the video track and choose Add Audio Point. Move those points down to balance out the volume of your video.

Turn down the overly loud bits
Watch out for peaks – you can level them down by hand

Step 4. Export Your Video

To finalize your work, click the Create Video button under the preview player, choose an output format – AVI, MKV, MPEG, WebM, WMV, or 3GP – and click Create video in the export menu.

Export the edited clip
Save your work for others to see and hear it clearly

This is how to use Clipify as a video volume booster. If you want to check it out yourself, just hit the button below and get your installation file.

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Once your clip sounds right, try to enhance the whole video with Clipify’s many tools and effects. You will have infinite access to the free version of the programm to check it all out.

2. How to Increase the Sound on a Prerecorded Video Online

VideoLouder is a volume increaser for your videos that works online. It is accessible from any browser and completely free to use. VideoLouder is incredibly simple. You only have to upload a file, tweak a couple of parameters, and download the result.

On the downside, it is limited by a 500 MB file size cap and can work slowly sometimes. It also supports only AVI, MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOV, and XVID files. If you don’t mind these limitations, here’s how to increase the volume on video recordings with VideoLouder:

  1. Go to the VideoLouder website. Follow the link to the VideoLouder main page. Click the Browse button and open your clip.
  2. Adjust the volume in your video. The sound editor will offer you to increase or decrease the volume. Pick Increase and choose the needed decibels value. You can increase loudness by up to 50 dB. Then click Upload File.
  3. Download the video. A notification will pop when processing is done. Then click Download File and save the clip.
VideoLouder interface
Add some decibels to your video on a single webpage

Want to polish your MP4 after increasing its sound? Then read our detailed guide and learn how to edit MP4 videos from start to finish in an easy program.

3. How to Increase the Volume of a Video on iPhone

iPhone users can try out Video Volume Booster. It is a simple video sound amplifier that can increase the overall volume of a video. But the free version has little to offer beyond that. Paid users can enjoy the luxury of features like voice processing. This feature helps make the speaker’s speech louder or turn down a vocal track in a song for you to sing along. Let’s see how to increase the volume of a video file with this iOS app:

  1. Install the app. Get the Video Volume Booster from the App Store. Open the app once it is ready to run.
  2. Open the needed video. Tap the Open File button and navigate to the clip you want to make louder.
  3. Turn the volume up. A slider will appear. Move it to the right to increase the volume. Then tap the Apply button.
  4. Export the result. Save the new file in your gallery or share it with your friends and subs directly from the app.
Increasing the volume on an iPhone
Boost the sound level with a few thumb taps

Does your vertical footage have black bars? You can fix it in a moment using a simple video editing program - read this guide on how to convert a vertical video to horizontal.

4. How to Boost the Video Volume on Android

If you are not an iPhone user, try Video Volume Booster for Android. Similarly to the sequence described previously, you just open your clip in this application and move a single slider to increase the volume of your video. The downside is that the free version of this Android volume booster doesn’t process videos longer than 30 seconds. But for social media reels and stories, this might do. Let’s see how to use the video audio booster for Android:

  1. Get the app on your device. Download the volume booster from Google Play. When the installation is done, start the app.
  2. Open your video in the program. Tap the Folder icon and find the needed clip in your media gallery.
  3. Turn the volume up. A slider will appear on the screen. To increase the volume, move it to the right. Tap the Apply button and let the app do the processing.
  4. Save the louder clip. Once the processing is over, save and share your new clip with your subs and viewers.
Increasing the volume on an Android
Turn up the loudness of your video on an Android device
Need to increase the video volume quickly and easily?
Open it in Clipify and boost the audio with a single slider!
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5. How to Make a Video Louder with Adobe Premiere

If you have access to better hardware, why not try using more powerful software for video editing? Adobe Premiere Pro is renowned and beloved for its immense depth. It can perform any trick you can think of – chroma-key, color correction, audio processing, and much more.

However, it aims at a more hardcore audience. If you have no editing needs other than raising the volume, it might be better to find an easier solution. But if you already have this program or want to get the most out of video editing, let’s give it a shot! You can also learn more about volume control from this guide. Here’s how to make a quiet video louder in Adobe Premiere:

  1. Open your video. Upload your video file in whichever way you like. Go to File > Import and find a clip via the file browser or drag it to the project panel.
  2. Select audio clips. Pick a clip (or clips) from the clipboard you want to work on with the Selection Tool.
  3. Adjust the gain level. The program displays audio and video tracks of your clip separately. Right-click the audio and choose Audio Gain. In the opened menu, pick Adjust Gain by and enter a dB value. A positive number will make the clips louder. Then click Ok. Alternatively, you can move the white line over the audio track upwards to raise the volume.
  4. Save the result. When done, go to the File menu, select Export > Media, and save your new clip. You can export your file in AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, HEVC, and a ton of other formats.
Making a clip louder in Adobe Premiere
Boost the volume with a fraction of Premiere’s functionality

You’ve increased the video volume and now want to make montages? Then begin with stitching some clips together! Read our guide and learn how to join two videos together.

6. How to Increase the Video Volume with Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is classic editing software. With it, you can quickly perform basic editing – cut clips, add effects, make the video audio louder, and more. However, it has been officially discontinued and replaced by the Photos app on Windows 10 and above.

If you want to work with Windows Movie Maker, download it from third-party sites. You can also learn more info about the software from a more in-depth tutorial. If you already have this program on your machine, check out how to edit the volume of your video with it:

  1. Prepare the clips. Upload the video. Click the Filmstrip of your clip in the right part of the window.
  2. Select the volume tool. Go to the Video Tools bar and open the Edit tab. Then click the Speaker icon.
  3. Adjust the volume. Use the appeared slider to increase the loudness of your clip.
  4. Export the movie. Go to the File menu and choose the Save movie option. Then pick the export format (WMV or MPAR-4), resolution, and frame rate and export your clip.
Changing video volume in Windows Movie Maker
Edit your video volume with Windows Movie Maker – it’s old, but gold

Now you know how to make a video louder with various software. Let’s make a short recap if you have not decided which to choose yet. Want to do some quick editing on your smartphone? Apps like Video Volume Booster will help. Prefer to keep it simple? Windows Movie Maker will serve you right. Have a powerful computer and time to learn? Try the mighty Adobe Premiere. And if you need a tool that is efficient yet accessible for casual users, stick to Clipify.

Whichever video volume increaser you choose for the job, we hope this guide was helpful and wish you the best video editing experience.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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