How to Make a Vertical Video Horizontal?

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How to Convert a Vertical Video to Horizontal:
a Comprehensible Guide

Are you an active Instagram user or someone who enjoys videography? Then the first thing you do when you come across a remarkable scene is reach for your smartphone and start recording. In an urge, you might forget to switch the orientation of your gadget and start recording vertically. If you decide to rewatch such a video on a horizontal screen or share it on YouTube, you will see the distracting black lines framing it.

Don’t want to put up with the annoying black bar effect while screening your vertical video? You won’t have to. In this tutorial, you will find out how to make a vertical video horizontal with minimum effort and time.

How to turn a vertical clip to horizontal - before & after
Use Clipify to convert your vertical video to horizontal

We will be using Clipify, an automatic video editor you can get for free. It is perfect for users with any skill set since it features all the basic tools for video post-production. What's more, it has a few professional features experienced videographers would appreciate - the Curves, Chroma Key, and Video Stabilization.

You will also discover alternative methods to flip your vertical video to horizontal for Mac, Android, and iOS. We have options for both newbies and professionals. Let’s begin.

How to Turn Vertical Videos to Horizontal in 4 Steps

You might think that if you record a video vertically, there is no way to change its orientation other than reshoot it. However, you never get a chance to capture a unique moment on camera twice. Either way, you won’t have to worry much if you use Clipify. With this editor, you can convert a vertical video into a horizontal one in just a few simple steps. Have a glance at them:

Step 1. Get Started with Clipify

Load the free video editor by clicking the button below. Then, follow the lead of the installation wizard to unpack and start the program on your PC.

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Step 2. Import Your Video Clip

Once on the startup screen of the program, choose New Project > Blank Project. Stay on Files and choose Add Videos and Photos to open your vertical clip in the software.

Open the video from your library
Open the vertical video you want to show on a horizontal screen

Step 3. Turn a Vertical Video Into Horizontal

Hit the Crop button on the toolbar. Pick 16x9 in the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu, and the ratio will change to a standard horizontal orientation. Cut the frame so that your video appears in the most favorable light. Hit Save to apply the changes.

Fix the frame of your clip with the Crop tool
Crop your vertical video to switch its orientation to horizontal

Step 4. Save Your Edited Clip

Once you are satisfied with the result, go to the Create Video menu. Then, select the video format you want to save your clip in depending on whether you want to share it online or rewatch it on one of your devices: computer, TV set, mobile phone.

Save the edited video in one of the 30+ formats available
Export your brand-new horizontal video

Reframing a clip will sometimes significantly impact its quality. However, you can easily fix that in Clipify. Just check out a quick tutorial on how to make the quality of a video better. You will find 15 ways to do that both manually and automatically.

Apart from the tasks mentioned above, Clipify can help you zoom in on a video to add more drama and make a clip more engaging, change its background to the one you like. You can also speed up certain parts of a video or slow them down to show the beauty of an action taking place. Finally, you can embellish your video with stickers and effects or accompany it with a soundtrack to turn it into a fun musical clip.

Watch a video review of Clipify to get an idea of what it’s like and learn more about its features:

Clipify video review
Clipify is a handy video editor anyone can figure out

Feel like Clipify is what you have been searching for? Get this powerful software and make your videos look spectacular today.

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How to Turn a Vertical Video to Horizontal:
4 More Ways

Not a PC user? Or do you want a more recognized program for working with your videos? Try your hand at editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. True, it has a steep learning curve and you might experience some difficulties when converting your video in it for the first time - it might look like a lengthy process. However, when you get used to it, this industry giant can help you even with such serious tasks as making a feature film.

Prefer editing on the go? The LumaFusion app for iPhone will come to your rescue when you need to change the orientation of your video. There is also an iPad version of the editor if you want to have better control over your clip while editing. For Android users, we suggest using the VITA mobile video editor. It is a worthy analogue of the iOS editor with a solid rating.

Alternative editor for turning videos horizontal
Switch the orientation of your video on the go with LumaFusion

If you are a Mac user who doesn’t edit videos a lot, we suggest going with the iMovie app. It has every tool you need to touch up your video before posting it. Besides, the editor's minimalistic interface makes video editing a piece of cake. The same goes for turning vertical videos horizontal - that will take only a couple of clicks.

A Vertical Video to Horizontal: Summing Up

Realized that you were recording your video in the wrong orientation when it was too late for a reshoot? Well, now you know how to change vertical videos to horizontal without any extra trouble and have Clipify at your disposal. So you don't have to worry about minor video imperfections while shooting since you will be able to fix them in no time. If you feel this vertical to horizontal video converter isn’t a perfect match for you, try out the other applications we have suggested. Hopefully, you will enjoy editing and will be satisfied with the result in the end.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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