How to Add Sound to a Video?

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How to Put Sound Over a Video – an Easy Guide

You have edited together some footage, but the result still feels like something is missing? Maybe the issue lies in not what you see, but what you hear. Sound plays a much greater role in video production than meets the eye. It can enhance the emotional impact of a movie, make a presentation more compelling, or give more connective tissue to a bunch of clips.

So, you have to know how to add sound to a video properly if you want to take your video editing one step further. And if you’re wondering how, you’ve come to the right place! From this comprehensive guide, you will learn to use the tools of Clipify, a beginner-friendly video editor you can try for free, to put sound over a video. As a bonus, we will also show you a handful of other useful apps that might help you add an audio track to your clips.

Adding sound to a video
Let your video make some noise!

Time to move from concept to action and show how to add sound over a video, one step at a time. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Step 1. Install Clipify

First things first, click the button below to download the installer. Then run the installer and follow the instructions. Once all is set up, launch Clipify from a desktop icon.

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Step 2. Add Some Footage

Now, add your clip to the timeline. You can drag and drop a video from a folder into the program window, or click Add Videos and Photos and find the video via file browser.

Open your video
Open your clip in the program

Step 3. Add Sound to the Video

Click the Open Music Collection button and pick one of 200+ tracks. All music is sorted by genre, mood, speed, and duration – you can easily find something fitting! The Favorites tab will help you quickly access the tracks you want to use regularly. You can also upload and store your own audio tracks in a separate category.

Add a track of sound
Include some groovy sound into the mix

Step 4. Edit the Sound Track

Right-click the audio track on the timeline. Choose Cut Audio File from the drop-down menu. In the new window, adjust the duration of the sound to make it match the duration of the clip. If your video has its own sound, you can select the clip on the timeline, click the Edit button, go to the General tab and use the volume slider to make it louder or quieter.

Adjust the sound duration
Make sound and video match each other

Step 5. Save the Result

When everything looks and sounds as you want, click Create Video, choose an output format, and hit the export button. Done!

Export the video
Save your work for others to see and hear

Along with adding sound to videos, Clipify offers a great number of other useful features for all-round editing. It allows you to lighten up dark videos in a few clicks. With Clipify you can also overlay a picture on a video, which opens a whole new field of creativity. Moreover, Clipify is great for making blogs or video tutorials, because it allows you to record with a webcam and edit the footage right then and there. The program will also come in handy if you want to create reaction videos for YouTube or edit GoPro videos on PC.

Sounds interesting? Then take a look at this video demonstration to see Clipify in action.

Clipify video review
Clipify will take any video to a new level

Clipify is friendly towards beginners and has a lot to offer to more seasoned users. Give it a try and see what it has in store for you!

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How to Add Sound to Video - Other Ways

Although Clipify is quite versatile, it is still not all powerful. For instance, it is primarily designed for Windows 10, 11, and older, and not yet available on other platforms. So, you may be in a situation where another tool would be more suitable. For moments like that, it’s good to know how to overlay sound on a video in some other way, and we have a handful of recommendations for you to try.

For example, your phone may be the only device for editing you have at your disposal. In this case, you'll have to use a mobile app. For iPhone owners, there is Add Music To Video Editor, and for Android users – Add Audio to Video : Audio Vid. Both are available for free and allow you to add sound to a video clip on the go.

Another kind of situation is when you can’t have additional software on your device. Whether you have no storage space or simply don’t want to mess with the installation, online services have got you covered. One of those you could try is Clideo – a neat web-based set of video editing tools accessible both from desktop and mobile devices.

Editing videos with Clideo
Using Clideo to edit your footage online

Find Your Way of Adding Sound to Video

So, if you need to overlay sound on a video, now you know how to do it. As a Windows user, you can rely on Clipify and easily take your editing to the next level with it! In other cases, you have a plethora of apps and web tools at your service. Whichever path you take, we hope this guide was helpful and wish you the best of luck on your editing journey.

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