How to Record a Video with a Webcam?

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How to Record with a Webcam: Easy Guide

Want to know how to record webcam videos? Usually, users find it quite difficult to decide what software to use. The tricky part is that it needs to be compatible with your computer's operating system, provide proper quality, and a user-friendly interface for comfortable use. In this article, you'll discover various apps you may use for webcam video recording.

Stay tuned, and you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial using Clipify, an uncomplicated yet comprehensive video editor. It’s a great option that suits both beginners and advanced users. We'll also share with you a few alternative programs you may use to record a webcam video on your PC, Mac, or online.

Record your webcam clips
Make a video using Clipify’s webcam capture feature

Let’s start learning how to record videos with a webcam! Follow the steps below and get your webcam footage shot effortlessly with Clipify.

Step 1. Install Clipify on Your PC

To start off, click the button below to download Clipify’s installation package. After that, open the file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard to run the editor.

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Step 2. Launch the Program

Once the program has started, click on Capture From Webcam - you’ll find this button on the right in the Popular Features section.

Choose webcam capturing feature
Find the record button right on the startup screen

Step 3. Turn on Your Webcam

In the window that pops up, click the Connect Camera button. If you have several cameras, choose the one you need from the drop-down list. Next, select your microphone or a mute mode and specify the video dimensions. Click Connect.

Connect your webcam
Make sure your camera is on before recording begins

Step 4. Improve the Picture Beforehand

Before you start, you can enhance the image appearance. Click the Webcam Settings button and play with the brightness and saturation sliders, adjust the sharpness and white balance, etc. If you are satisfied with the live preview picture, keep the default settings. Note that you can still make the same adjustments after video recording using Clipify editing tools.

Enhance your footage before recording
Adjust the image quality if needed

Step 5. Record Your Video from a Webcam

Now you can hit the Start Recording button. The image from the webcam will be displayed on the screen and the video recording will start. When you’re ready to finish, click Stop Recording.

Shoot your video
A webcam recording is ready, so now you can use it for your vlog

Step 6. Save Your Recording

In the window that appears next, preview the clip you’ve just recorded. To save the webcam footage on your PC and start editing it, hit the Add to Project button. If you’re satisfied with the result because no editing is necessary, then click Save Video.

Save your recently recorded footage
Preview your footage and prepare it for posting on social media platforms

Clipify can do more than just use a webcam to record video. This software allows you to edit your footage using a rich collection of features and tools. Need to emphasize an object in your video? Learn how to do the zoom-in effect. If someone is talking too quietly in your clip then you probably need to know how you can increase the volume of a video. Perhaps you may want to overlay a picture on a video to illustrate your ideas and make your footage more captivating. There’s a lot more for creative editing!

Prefer watching video tutorials to reading text manuals? Check out the video below and see the program in action!

Clipify video review

As you can see, editing videos in Clipify is as easy as it looks! Like the diversity of its features and tools? Give it a try and make all your videos stand out.

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How to Record a Webcam Video - Alternative Programs

Wish to check out all the possible options? As promised, we’ll share with you several programs to record videos from webcam that are worth trying.

Windows users have the opportunity to use the default Camera app to capture videos. To learn more about this method, browse through this guide on how to capture webcam video and sound. OBS Studio software would be a great option for Mac and Linux users. This program is not only able to take video on a webcam but also to live-stream it. However, you can’t edit your footage in it.

Record your webcam footage using OBS Studio
Here’s what the OBS interface looks like

Wondering how to make a video with a webcam if you don’t have a webcam? Don’t despair. Download the Bandicam program to your PC and use your smartphone camera as a web camera. You may also plug your PlayStation or Xbox into a PC to record gameplay videos. The downfall is that this software can do nothing more than screen recording.

Want to know how to record a video using a web camera without downloading anything on your computer? Try out an online video maker named Biteable. With this program, you can create video content using the program's adjustable templates, stock footage, and an animation library. The only downside is that you should purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

Want to enhance the quality of WebM video files? Then learn how to edit WebM videos in 7 simple steps using a beginner-friendly video editor.

Record a Video Using a Webcam: Wrapping Up

If you’ve read this article up to the end, you now know about five different programs to capture videos from a web camera. Plus, you’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a webcam to record videos with Clipify.

If you still hesitate about what to choose, we suggest you give Clipify a chance. This video editor has all the features for the easiest editing process you can ever imagine. Anyway, whatever you choose, we hope this article was helpful to you because now you have the knowledge and tools to start making YouTube videos or Instagram clips hassle-free!

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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