How to Zoom in on a Video?

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How to Zoom in a Video like a Pro in a Few Steps

Ever wanted to direct your viewers’ attention to a particular place or object in your video and eliminate details around the edge? Or to create a dramatic shift between scenes, so your audience couldn’t get their eyes off it? You can easily achieve this wow effect! In this article, we’ll tell you how to zoom in on a video and create those jaw-dropping movies on your own. Sounds complicated? Good news: it’s not!

We’ll start with a step-by-step guide to using zoom in a video editor. We’ll show you how to bring the whole video as well as some particular scenes closer to your viewers using Clipify. It’s a free automatic video editor that's easy to use for people of all skills and experience. Then we’ll look at some other ways to create zoom effects. Let’s dive in!

How to Zoom in a Video Step-by-Step

As we mentioned above we’ll be using Clipify, automatic video editing software. Just choose your first video to apply this effect on and focus your viewers’ eyes on the details you want them to notice. Ready? Then follow our guide and see how this free video editor with zoom works.

  1. Run Clipify and open your video file. Click Add Videos and Photos, choose your clip, and add it to the timeline.
  2. Find the Crop button. Move the cursor onto the crop icon on the toolbar that’s just above the timeline.
  3. Edit the size of the area to zoom in. Once finished, click Save. That's it!
Use Clipify to zoom in on your videos
It only takes a few clicks to zoom in on your videos

Now you know how to edit the whole video. So if your clip was shot from a distance, you can scale it and bring the image closer to your viewers. But there’s one more way to make your video more dynamic and eye-catching. Apply a zoom in effect on some particular video pieces. Let’s have a look at how to zoom in on a video part with our guide.

Step 1. Open the Footage You Want to Edit

As you’re running Clipify on your PC, click New project, choose Blank Project and open the video you want to edit. It’ll be added to the timeline.

Zoom in with Clipify
Let's focus on what's important and crop the rest!

Step 2. Split Your Video into Several Parts

Move the cursor to the start of the video section you want to zoom in. Click Split on the toolbar to separate this part from the rest of the footage. Now move the cursor to the end of the video section that you want to zoom in and separate it too.

Separate an area to zoom in
It's time to choose the area to bring closer

Step 3. Find the Video Zooming Tool

Move the cursor onto the crop icon. You can find it on the toolbar above the timeline. Click this icon and choose the Crop option.

Click on the best crop option
The crop tool helps not only to zoom in, but to improve the composition as well

Step 4. Set the Zoom Area

First, click Aspect ratio and choose one that fits your video best. It must correspond to your project proportions - this way, you’ll remove black bars from videos and get a smooth transition between the video parts. Now set the area to zoom in. To do that, edit the size of the rectangle area by dragging its corners to make it bigger or smaller. You can change the position of this rectangle, click it and drag it around the image. Once finished, click Save.

Edit the zoom in area
Mind the proportions when zooming in

Step 5. Export Your Video

If everything looks fine, it’s high time to share your short movie! Click Create Video and choose the export option that suits you best. Save it for mobile devices to play it whenever and wherever you want. Upload it to the Internet to share it with your friends and followers. Or burn your video on a DVD to watch it any time sitting on your cozy sofa.

Export your clip
The short movie is ready: save it!

Feel your video is not complete? Stabilize the footage and make your clip really smooth. Add some text along with various stickers and literally tell a whole story in your video. Correct colours and make your short movie juicier. Speed up parts of a video to reach a wow effect. Lighten a video to improve its overall quality. Clipify is here to help you! It’s more than just a great video zooming software, it’s packed with a wide range of useful features as well.

Want to bring details closer?
Zoom in on your video with Clipify!
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How to Do the Zoom in Effect with Other Tools

Perhaps Clipify doesn’t suit you for some reason or you just want to try different ways to edit your videos. Let’s have a look at some other tools and pick one for you.

We’ll start with Videoleap Editor by Lightricks. It’s a good alternative if you prefer using your phone not only to shoot a short movie but to edit it as well. You can install their iOS app if you have an iPhone or iPad. They also have an Android app. Just install it and try it out as a video zoomer. It’s quite intuitive to work with.

Not sure what device to use: your computer, tablet, or phone? Then look at a video zoom editor Kapwing you don’t need to download. By using it you save the precious memory of your device for your newly edited videos! The website is mostly free to use and easy to learn. Sounds perfect… only if you have a high-speed Internet connection.

Other ways to zoom in on your videos
User-friendly tools to zoom in on your videos

The next program is quite famous, but watching a detailed tutorial on how to edit a video to zoom in it sounds like a good idea for beginners. We mean Adobe Premiere Pro. Since it’s a professional video editing software, using it is quite a complex process which requires some experience. But once you get it, editing your videos doesn’t look scary any more.

One more popular tool is VLC Media Player available for Windows. It offers various ways to zoom in on a video. You can use quite basic options as well as advanced ones for free. It provides you with interactive zoom to magnify a specific section of the video, with its help you can zoom up to 1600% to see the smallest details.

Don’t Let Important Details Get Skipped - Apply Zoom Effects!

Now you’ve learnt how to make a video zoom in and can apply this effect according to your wishes and requirements to the entire video or a part of it. It’s time to pick some videos you’ve shot and turn them into your story. Add some zoom in effect to direct your viewers’ focus and make them follow the plot, keeping your audience fully engaged! Run Clipify and get it started.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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