How to Stabilize a Video?

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How to Stabilize a Shaky Video - Best Ways in 2024

Unless you are making a horror movie or an action flick, shaky footage is an annoyance. It’s hard to make out what’s on the screen, and some viewers might even feel sick. So how do you fix that and make your footage usable? Why, by stabilizing your video, of course!

Despite how fancy it sounds, there is nothing too difficult about it. In this article, you’ll learn how to stabilize your video in a snap. We’ll be looking at a handful of ways so that you have something to choose from. We’ll tackle solutions for PC, Mac, iPhone, online, and whatnot. So if you are ready to make your footage steady and clear, let’s dive in!

Stabilized video VS shaky video
Remove a hand-held camera effect in a click

Way 1. Stabilize Your Footage with Clipify

If you think that the video editing solutions have to be overly complex and expensive, then Clipify will prove to be a pleasant surprise. This free software is so easy and intuitive that a complete newbie will get the hang of it right away. And if you are a seasoned videographer, you’ll love its many nifty features like Curves, Chroma Key, and of course video stabilization. Let’s have a look at how to use the last one.

Step 1. Run Clipify on Your Computer

First, click the button below to download this free video editor. Follow the wizard prompts to install it to your PC, then run it.

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Step 2. Open Your Shaky Footage

Start a new project, then click Add Videos and Photos. Pick your shaky clip and add it to the timeline.

Open your shaky video in Clipify
Let's fix this video shot during a walk

Step 3. Stabilize Your Video

Now, right click your clip and choose Edit. Switch to the Enhancement tab and click Image Stabilization. Apply it and you’re done!

Make your footage smooth and clear
Just a click - and the shaky cam effect is gone

That was surprisingly simple, wasn’t it? And that’s what Clipify is all about. It gives you easy tools that still provide professional-looking results. What else is this free software good for? For starters, you can use its automatic feature to create cool-looking movies in a snap. Besides, you can add a logo to a video, change its speed, voice over your video, and get access to hundreds of effects, transitions, and titles that will give your movies a true Hollywood flavor. Other features include a Chroma Key tool, color correction instruments, and a 200+ music track library.

Need to stabilize a shaky video?
Do it in a click with Clipify!
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Way 2. Smooth your Video with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker has always been a safe go-to choice for beginner videographers. And it’s clear why. First off, this software used to come integrated within the operating system. Besides, it is quite easy to navigate. The downside to Windows Movie Maker, however, is that it is somewhat feature-poor. But luckily it does have the tools for stabilizing videos. Let’s see how they work.

  1. Open your footage with Movie Maker You can either open your clip from the software or just find it in your folder and drag and drop it to the video editor.
  2. Pick the Video Stabilization tool Switch to the Edit tab and find the Video Stabilization tool. Browse through the options and pick one depending on the camera used to shoot the clip.
  3. Apply the Anti-Shake filter Let the software process your video. The longer the clip, the more time it will take. Finally, save your stabilized video.
Fix your video with Windows Movie Maker
Reduce camera shakes with the trusty Windows Movie Maker

You probably know that it is a lot better to prevent than to cure. But what you might not know is how to avoid shaky footage when shooting. Take some time to learn and you will end up with a smooth video on every take.

Way 3. Stabilize a Shaky Video with Adobe Premiere

No list of video editors would be complete without Adobe Premiere, the reigning champion. This fabled software is choke-full of pro features that allow you to turn your clips into bona fide blockbusters. The biggest downside to Premiere is its notorious complexity. But if you are willing to look past it, let’s find out how to fix a shaky video with this Adobe product.

  1. Import your footage Start with importing your clips to Adobe Premiere. Highlight the video you want to fix.
  2. Find the Warp Stabilizer tool Switch to the Effects tab and type in Warp Stabilizer for a quicker search. Doubleclick the effect to apply it.
  3. Adjust stabilization Despite how smart the tool is, it might overdo the smoothing. Make your footage look more natural by changing the smoothing method.
Employ Premiere to smooth your clips
Adobe Premiere is powerful enough to fix even the shakiest of GoPro video

Want to improve your MKV files? Read this guide on how to edit MKV videos and discover 6 simple ways to enhance your footage in a laptop-friendly video editor.

Way 4. Try Online Video Stabilization

If the idea of installing and learning new software isn’t that appealing to you, then consider going online. Don’t quite know which service to choose out of myridas options? Then let’s learn how to stabilize a video with 123Apps. This is a web-based audio and video editor with an exceptionally easy workflow. It allows you to fix and enhance your media files - trim, crop, and resize them, as well as change their speed, volume, and whatnot.

  1. Pick the Stabilize tool Visit the site, browse through the video tools and pick the Stabilize option.
  2. Import your footage to the service Open your shaky video within the 123App. Beware that it might potentially be subject to privacy breach.
  3. Stabilize your footage Click the Stabilize button and let the application process your clip. Once done, click the Save button to export your steady video.
Go online to get rid of shaky cam effects
You can export your improved video in MP4, MFV, or MOV
Is your video not only shaky but also a bit dull? Clipify has pro tools that will improve the quality of your footage: fix its brightness, color correct it, and stylize it with filters.
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Way 5. Remove Shake from a Video with iPhone

If you prefer to shoot videos with your iPhone, then how about enhancing them with the same device? In order to keep you from extensive search of the right tool, we’ll give you one right away - Emulsio. This iOS-based application was exclusively designed for shake reduction. Let’s see how to operate it.

  1. Open your shaky cam footage Navigate the video reel on your iPhone to find the clip you want to fix.
  2. Process your video Now, let the application analyze your footage and stabilize it right away. And that’s it.
Use your iPhone to stabilize your video
Emulsio is an expert of swift video image stabilization

Way 6. Stabilize a Video with an Android-Based Phone

In case you prefer Android-based phones to Apple products, there is still a solution for you - Shaky Video Stabilizer. This is an application that specializes in stabilizing footage, just like its name suggests. So if you primarily use your Android phone to shoot videos, this app will be quite a helper for you. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Open your video within the app Grant the application access to your gallery and import the clip you want to steady.
  2. Perform video stabilization Wait for the app to analyze then subsequently stabilize your shaky video. Finally, save it.
Fix shaky footage with your Android phone
For all Android users out there - there is a stabilizing tool for you

Getting rid of shakes is only the first step on a way to good and usable footage. There're a lot of things to take care of. If you are striving to bring your clips to a tip-top condition, make sure to learn how to make video quality better.

Way 7. Fix a Shaky Video on Mac

If you don’t like the idea of fixing your images on the go and would much rather do it on your Mac, then iMovie is a perfect tool for you. While it is by no means a top-tier video editor, iMovie still has what it takes to polish your clips and turn them into gripping movies. So let’s take a gander at how to smooth a video with this popular editor.

  1. Import your video to the timeline Once you open your media file within the software, drag it to the timeline.
  2. Stabilize your footage Find a small camera icon at the top toolbar and click it. Then, simply tick the Stabilize Shaky Video box and you’re all set.
Use iMovie to make your clips smooth
Make your video nice and smooth with iMovie

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Way 8. Try Stabilizing a Video with DaVinci Resolve

In case you are really confident about your video editing skills, then consider going with DaVinci Resolve. In the world of video editing softwares, this is one of the big guys. It has pro-level tools for video enhancement, but its workflow is quite hard to grasp. But nonetheless, is it any good for removing shaking from your videos? Let’s see.

  1. Import your video Start by opening your shaky clip with the software and adding it to the timeline.
  2. Pick the stabilizing tool Highlight your clip, switch to the Inspector tab and open the Stabilization submenu.
  3. Get rid of the shakes Now, pick the stabilization mode and hit the big Stabilize button. And that’s it.
Employ DaVinci Resolve to stabilize your clips
DaVinci Resolve lets you fine-tune stabilization with sliders

Final Thoughts on Video Stabilization

Now that you know how to stabilize a shaky video in a bunch of ways, your clips will be clear, smooth and perfect for creating enticing movies. As for the choice of the best methods - it’s all up to you. If you are an accomplished videographer, then consider going with Premiere or DaVinci Resolve. If you prefer to shoot and edit with your phone, then any of the mobile apps will do the trick. And in case you are a PC user with a limited skill set but considerable video editing ambitions, go with Clipify. This software will not only give you all the tools to enhance your clips, but also cool instruments to turn them into an awesome movie.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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