How to Edit MKV Videos?

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How to Edit MKV Files - 6 Ways to Perfect Your Video

MKV, also known as Matroska Video File, is a flexible multimedia container file. Unlike MOV, MPEG, and AVI video formats, it can hold an unlimited number of audio, images, and subtitle tracks and has a substantially bigger storage capacity. Despite the great possibilities of the MKV files, not all video editors enable playing back and editing videos of this format. This puts a new responsibility on your shoulders - finding the right software for the task. The good news is that we have found such a program for you. This MKV editor called Clipify, and it's free.

In this article, we'll give you detailed instructions on 6 ways of how to edit MKV video files using Clipify, a feature-packed video editing program for people of all skill levels. We'll also make you acquainted with alternative editors available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to edit an MKV video - before and after
Make your MKV look spectacular using intuitive Clipify tools

Download Clipify and follow the concise but comprehensive tutorial below to edit your MKV videos in the first go.

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So let's now take a look at several ways of how you can enhance your video during post-production in Clipify.

Way 1. Give Your MKV Video Files an Instant Glow-Up

Imagine being able to enhance an entire video - color correct it, balance saturation, fix highlights, and improve its other key parameters - in just one click. Well, you can do that with Clipify’s Auto Enhancement feature. With its help, you can polish all kinds of videos, even those shot with your smartphone camera. The tool automatically boosts the lighting and contrast of your video and deepens its tones. Let's have a look at how this works in practice.

  1. Launch Clipify. Run the MKV video editor after its installation on your PC.
  2. Upload your video. Create a Blank Project. Hit the Add Videos and Photos button on the Files tab and select your MKV footage from a folder on your computer or drag and drop it onto the timeline.
  3. Apply Auto Enhancement. On the toolbar above the timeline, select Edit. Then tick the Auto Enhancement checkbox on the Enhancement tab. That’s it!
Enhance your MKV clips automatically
Improve the quality of your video to make it look professional

Way 2. Cut and Glue Your MKV Clips

Clipify allows you to alter the length of your footage with minimum effort, split it into fragments, cut out parts of your video, or add new ones. Besides, using this MKV editor, you can crop your video to achieve the best frame or eliminate black bars around the edges. Let's take a closer look at the steps below to learn more about the process of trimming and stitching clips.

  1. Trim your footage. Select one of your clips on the timeline and pick the scissors tool from the toolbar. In the overlay menu, designate the area you want to save using the blue markers. Then click Apply to eliminate the remaining video fragments.
  2. Split the clip into parts. On the timeline, drag the play head to the desired point and use the Split tool to divide the footage into separate fragments. You can delete an unwanted clip by selecting it on the timeline and clicking the trashcan icon on the toolbar.
  3. Crop your video. Click the Crop icon on the toolbar after selecting the video segment you wish to crop. In the appearing window, adjust the frame manually to focus on what’s important in your clip or remove the black bars around its borders.
Cut out unnecessary clips
Make your video more engaging by removing boring scenes
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Way 3. Stabilize Your Footage

Shot your video on the go or in an unusual setting? Or maybe you don't have professional video recording equipment? Either way, no videographer is immune from shaky footage that can set a poor impression of their work. But don't despair just yet. Thanks to Clipify, you can easily stabilize shaky videos in post-production. Check out a short guide on the task below.

  1. Select your shaky clip. Pick the footage you want to stabilize on the timeline.
  2. Apply stabilization. Switch to the Edit menu on the toolbar. Then, on the Enhancement tab, check the Image Stabilization checkbox. Done! Now you have a completely stable video ready to share.
Stabilize your footage automatically
Get rid of any shakiness in your clip

Way 4. Edit the Audio in Your MKV Videos

Want to mute your video because you have changed its speed or accompanied it with a few extra clips? Wish to revive silent parts with a voice-over to describe what’s going on? Or would you like to add a finishing touch to your video with a soundtrack? All of this can be done with Clipify. Change the sound of your video as you desire, record a voice over, or finish it off using 200+ songs from Clipify’s built-in collection. Find out how to fix the sound while editing your MKV files below.

  1. Adjust the original sound. Choose the needed clip on the timeline. Then, select Edit on the toolbar and go to the General tab to change the sound volume using the namesake slider. Drag the slider to the right to increase the volume and to the left to decrease or remove it completely. Alternatively, click on the sound icon on the right side of the slider to mute your video.
  2. Add music to your video. On the Files tab, hit Open Music Collection to choose the soundtrack for your video from the in-program collection, or click Add Audio Files to upload music from your PC. You can adjust the volume and duration of your track on the timeline.
  3. Voice over your clip. Сlick Record Voice Comments on the Files tab. After you complete the recording, it will appear on the timeline, where you can drag it to the right place and change its volume. Check out our guide on how to voice-over videos to explore the process in more detail.
Add a soundtrack to your video
Work on the sound of your video to improve its perception

If you often have video calls, you might want to record them as well. This article about how to record Google Meets will guide you through the entire process.

Way 5. Embellish Your MKV Files

Jazz up your video with Clipify’s collection of embellishments. Find a pre-made design for your caption in the program’s rich collection of text styles. Add minimalistic stickers as a background for your lettering to make it stand out. Bring some joy into your video with 90+ themed cliparts. Read the tutorial below on how to edit MKV clips using the diverse decorations Clipify offers you.

  1. Add captions to your footage. Go to the Text tab and select one of the pre-made text styles. Drag the style you like to the timeline. In the appearing window, type your caption, change its color and font, drop shadow, and choose fade-in & fade-out animation. Now, modify the caption's duration on the timeline by stretching or squeezing its box. Use the preview window to change its size and position.
  2. Place stickers over your video. Switch to the Clipart tab and stay on the Stickers page. Select the sticker that will be the best backdrop for your caption. Then, drag the chosen sticker to the timeline and give it the same duration as your caption. To place the sticker underneath the text, right-click it in the preview window and choose the Send Backward option. Alternatively, place the sticker box under the text box right on the timeline.
  3. Decorate your video with cliparts. Open the Clipart page on the same tab. Choose a clipart from the program's built-in collection. Drag it onto the timeline and adjust its duration. Use the preview window to change the position of your clipart and modify its size. You can also put a few pictures from your PC library over your MKV video. To do that, choose the From File option on the same tab and pick the image you want to add. Dive into more details on how to put a picture over a video in our tutorial.
Decorate your video
Customize your video with thematic embellishments

Way 6. Add Transitions and Filters

Eliminate sudden frame cuts by incorporating mesmerizing transitions from the in-program library. Stylize your video for a special occasion or speed up the color correction process with the rich variety of Clipify’s filters: Cinematic, Dynamic, Artistic, Vintage, Romantic, etc. Alternatively, design and save your own custom effects to use them on further projects. Sounds intriguing, right? Read on to learn how to edit MKV videos using transitions and effects.

  1. Make smooth transitions. Move on to the Transitions tab and drag the transition you like onto the timeline. Alternatively, click on the Random Transitions button in the upper right corner, and the program will choose the transition effect for you. Ibid, you can hit the Apply Transition to All Clips button to give the entire project the same transitions.
  2. Enhance your video with filters. Switch to the Effects tab and explore the collection of eye-catching filters. Based on the desired atmosphere of your video, choose a filter from the collection of 150+ available ones and then apply the most suitable one simply by clicking on it.
Add transitions
Create an eye-pleasing video with beautiful transitions

By this moment, you know 6 essential ways of how to edit an MKV file using Clipify. In fact, that is not all you can do in this all-in-one program. The software also allows you to modify the video’s speed and capture webcam footage. Want to perform an advanced-level color correction? Use Curves and Chroma Key tools. Besides, if you cannot possibly spend too much of your time on editing or need a clip ASAP, use the editor’s thematic video templates for any occasion. Just upload your files and receive a finished video with transitions, effects, and music at the end.

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Alternative Programs for Editing MKV Files

Clipify is compatible with Windows PCs running on Windows 10, 11, and earlier versions. Wondering how to edit MKV files if you have a computer on macOS or Linux? Or want to explore some more respectable options and choose the best one? Below are a few additional editors we recommend you try.

Let’s begin with Kdenlive, a free open-source program compatible with both Mac and Linux computers. What stands out the most about this MKV editor is that you can customize its workspace to make it more appealing and convenient for you personally. However, its interface might still be too complicated for newbies in videography. Have an old PC? Employ Shotcut to edit your MKVs. The program is lightweight and allows editing even 4K files with no trouble. However, this software has a rather steep learning curve because of its complicated interface.

Edit your MKV video with Shotcut
Customize your MKV with Shotcut

Next comes OpenShot, software that is rather easy to use if compared to the programs above. Besides, it’s available in 70+ languages. The program supports 3D text animation and audio waveforms. However, it still has too limited editing functionality for complete video post-production. Besides, users report recurring troubleshoots when working on the newer versions of Windows. The final free beginner-level video editor is Avidemux. It works great for quick and not in-depth editing. But it’s not very stable and can crash while you are editing. And there is no technical support to help you out.

Final Thoughts on MKV Video Editing

As promised, you now know how to edit MKV files on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Choose the best MKV video editor that matches your taste and skill level and begin your creative journey. If you're still undecided, we recommend giving the free Clipify a try. This trustworthy editor provides sophisticated editing capabilities and limitless creative flexibility. Either way, we hope you found this article useful and wish you success with your video editing.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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