How to Cut Out Parts of a Video?

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How to Cut Parts Out of a Video - Best 8 Ways to Try

Recorded a cool video, but realized later that it needs some trimming? Don’t worry about it, almost any video needs such editing to look better. If you’re wondering how to cut out parts of a video, then you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, you’ll figure out how to trim clips using 8 different tools. No matter what device you own or what video editing experience you have, you sure will find your way in this article.

We’ll talk about footage trimming ways for Mac and iPhone as well as for Android devices and PC. We’ll also show you how to do it online without having to install anything on your computer or phone. You’ll see the editing process in each way step-by-step. Besides, you can try most of the tools for free. So, don’t hesitate to try and read on to see what method would suit you best!

Cut out extra parts of your video
Get rid of distracting parts to make your video truly eye-catching

Way 1. How to Remove Unwanted Parts of a Video Using Clipify

Why do we begin with Clipify? Clipify is a free automatic video editor where you can trim your videos with utmost ease. Its intuitive design lets absolute beginners create amazing movies. With Clipify, you don’t have to put up with limited functionality - it has everything you might need, from stunning filters and clipart to video auto enhancement and speed adjustment. Follow these simple steps to trim your video clips.

Step 1. Download the Program

To install Clipify, download the software by clicking the button below. Then launch the program and create a Blank project.

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Step 2. Add Your Clips to Your Project

The next step is to import the video clips you want to edit. Here you can either add them to the timeline all at once - just drag and drop the files, or click Add Videos and Photos to select the necessary files in your folder.

Import all the necessary files
Fill up the timeline with your files

Step 3. Cut Parts Out of Your Videos

Now your footage is ready to be edited. First, select one of the clips and pick the cutting tool by hitting the scissors button. Now drag the blue markers to change the length of the video. Once you set the starting and ending points, click Apply.

Remove clips from your footage
Make your footage shorter

Step 4. Export the Edited File

Finally, click Create Video to save your new file. You can export the video as AVI, DVD, HD, mobile video and even a video for the Internet. Adjust the final settings - set frame size, quality and even file size, then save the file.

Save the video on your computer
Share your new video with your family and friends

Wasn’t it a piece of cake? Watch our video tutorial for more tips on how to use Clipify. Here you’ll get to know about other useful features the program can offer.

Clipify video review
Clipify is a user-friendly video editor with everything you might need

Apparently, if you’re looking for easy-to-use software to edit a video in a few clicks, chances are Clipify is the best option for you. Here, you can instantly make a vertical video horizontal, replace the background with another, join videos together, and stabilize a shaky video. Clipify also lets you put sound over a video and even offers 200+ free music tracks to add to your clips.

Doesn't it sound like a perfect video editor to cut out parts of your footage? Don't hesitate to download Clipify right now!

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By installing this software you are opening up a new horizon. Go ahead and upgrade your videos in no time.

Way 2. How to Cut Out Parts of a Video in Movie Maker

In case you’re not happy with Clipify, then Windows Movie Maker might be a viable alternative, especially if you’re using Windows 10 or 11. It’s designed for an average computer user, and is not too difficult to make use of. Windows Movie Maker allows you to add titles, creative transitions and effects to your footage. What’s more, video segments can be easily deleted in this program and this is how you do it.

  1. Install the software You can easily find the program in Microsoft Store. Once you download it, you should launch it and select Create New Project.
  2. Import the necessary files Now you can add the videos you are going to trim. Just hit Add Сlip, then select the Photo/Video option. Here you need to pick your videos.
  3. Cut your footage You won’t find the trimming tool right away. First, choose More Tools, and then select either Split Video to divide one into two, or Trim Video to shorten it. Now you’ve got to add trimmers and drag them to make the clip shorter. Then click OK.
  4. Save the edited video Finally, export the edited video clip as MP4 or WMV. Choose video resolution and click OK.
Use Movie Maker to crop your vid
Trim the footage on your Windows computer

Way 3. How to Cut Parts of a Video in iMovie

Apple users also have a few options to choose from, for example, iMovie which is a video editor built into all Apple devices. The app is very easy to master. It allows you to make really cool movie-like videos. To find it in your phone, tablet or computer, either swipe down and type the name of the app, or search for it on AppStore in case you’ve deleted it earlier. Now let’s see how to cut something out in this application.

  1. Import your videos Add all the videos and photos you’re going to edit.
  2. Trim your footage First of all, tap on one of the clips. Yellow borders will indicate that it’s ready to be edited. Then cut pieces out of a video by moving its beginning and ending.
  3. Export the file If you’re done with editing your footage, tap Done. Then you’ll need to hit Share to save the video or send it to your friends.
Trim your video in iMovie
Use iMovie to cut parts out of videos

Your video didn’t live up to your expectations and you don’t know what to do? Make sure to learn how to make the quality of a video better.

Way 4. How to Delete a Part of a Video in Photos App

If you want something even more simple, then check out the Photos app. It’s also a free built-in app on Apple devices. With the Photos app, you can easily change the starting and ending points to cut a clip out of a video. And here are the steps you’ve got to follow.

  1. Choose a video Open your camera roll and choose the video you want to change.
  2. Shorten your clip Now tap Edit to cut the footage. Then move the yellow borders and play the video clip to see if you like the result.
  3. Export the file If you’re happy with the way it plays, tap Done to save the edited video. You can either save it as a new video clip or trim the original one. Unfortunately, there are no file types to pick from.
Use your iPhone to trim videos
Crop the video in the Photos app and save your time

Way 5. How to Cut a Section out of a Video with iPhone

Apple lovers can master subtler editing in an application called Splice. Not only can you cut out parts of a video, but you can also remove the background, apply various effects, add songs from your iTunes collection, change the speed, and so on. The video editor is free, but offers optional in-app purchases. Got interested? Follow these steps to cut things out of your footage.

  1. Add your video clips First, install and open the app. Then tap New Project to begin editing a new video.
  2. Delete a part of a video To trim the footage you’ve picked, drag its blue markers till you like the result.
  3. Save the file Once you’re done with editing your video, tap Done to export the file.
Use Splice to remove parts of your videos
Try upgrading your footage with Splice
Want to cut parts out of videos real quick?
Edit your footage with Clipify for free!
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Way 6. How to Cut Parts Out of a Video Using Android

To trim your clips, you can also download KineMaster. This mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It’s free, but you’ll need a premium subscription to be able to use some of its features. With KineMaster, you can trim a video, add music or a voiceover, apply filters, try slow-mo, and much more. Read the tutorial below to learn how to cut certain parts of a video.

  1. Pick a file from your gallery Download KineMaster and open the app to select the clips you need to tweak.
  2. Alter your footage In this mobile application, you can either make the video shorter by moving its borders or remove middle parts by simply splitting it.
  3. Save your new video Now you can tap Share to set video resolution and frame rate. Then export the file by selecting Export or send it to your friends straight away.
Crop your clips using KineMaster
Fine-tune your clips with KineMaster

Way 7. How to Edit Out Parts of a Video in Adobe Premiere

Were the listed programs not enough? Then you’ll need feature-packed software, with which you can edit out parts of a video like a pro. And Adobe Premiere is the one. With this program, you can take your footage to another level almost in no time. Just follow these steps to easily cut some parts of your video.

  1. Install the software First of all, download Adobe Premiere from the official website and start your free trial. Then launch the program and click on New Project.
  2. Import your footage Hit Select File to add videos to the Media Browser. To import them from the Media Browser for further editing, just drag and drop them to the timeline.
  3. Edit your video clips Now they’re ready to be trimmed. Hit the Razor Tool and click where you want the clip to be trimmed. Then pick the Selection Tool and right-click on the part of the video you want to cut out. Once the extra part is highlighted, press Delete to remove it from the timeline.
  4. Export the fileTo save the edited video, go up to File, select Export and pick Media. Here you see exporting settings, which you can adjust manually. Alternatively, you can simply use a ready-made preset. Preview the video and finally save the file. And voila.
Try editing with Adobe Premiere
Edit your video like a pro with Adobe Premiere

Don’t know how to make footage fit your screen? Forget about annoying black lines along the sides forever and learn how to change the aspect ratio of a video.

Way 8. How to Cut a Part Out of a Video Online

Don’t have time to download anything? No problem! Just use online services to remove unwanted parts of your video. For instance, Canva lets you instantly trim your footage without having to install anything on your computer or phone. The intuitive interface together with all necessary tools can help you edit the video the way you want. Don’t hesitate to try this video editor to cut out parts of your footage. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Upload your media files First, open a new project by clicking Create a Design. Then upload your videos and photos.
  2. Remove parts of a video To trim your clip, you have to click on the video and hit the scissors button in the upper left corner. Then drag the borders to set the length of the clip.
  3. Save the edited file Finally, export your video by clicking Share. Then you’ll need to select Download and choose the file type you like.
Use Canva to edit your vids online
Upgrade your clips online

Now you know how to cut parts out of a video in different ways. As you can see, it doesn’t take much time and even non-professionals can do it with their eyes shut.

We’ve talked about a number of video editors to cut out parts of your footage, ranging from simple mobile apps for editing on the go to computer programs for more delicate trimming. Still we recommend trying Clipify first. It’s so easy to use and is perfect to get started with. Go ahead and edit your video right now!

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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