How to Speed Up Parts of a Video?

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How to Speed Up Certain Parts of a Video with Ease

There are many reasons you might want to speed up some parts of your video - to make an effect of a long-enduring process more evident and dynamic or fast forward a lengthy piece of a clip that isn’t important. Whatever reason you have, we will teach you how to speed up parts of your video in a few ways: with desktop software, online, on a smartphone.

First, we will have a look at Clipify, a free video editor jammed with features for both skilled videographers and homemade clip enthusiasts. Then, we will move on to 4 alternatives for people who have different editing preferences. Let’s dive in!

Step 1. Install Clipify Video Software

Ready to get started on editing your video? Then hit the button below to download the handy movie maker for free.

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Step 2. Open Your Footage

Once you run Clipify on your PC, go to New Project and choose Blank Project. On the Files tab, click Add Videos and Photos to import the clip you want to edit.

Open the video from your PC's library
Import your video to make it quicker

Step 3. Split Your Video into Several Parts

Move the cursor to the start of the video section you want to make faster. Hit the Split button on the menu bar to separate this video piece from the rest of the footage. Repeat this process if there are several portions of the video you would like to speed up.

Separate your video into several parts
Cut your video into parts so it’s more convenient to edit

Step 4. Speed Up Parts of Your Video

Select the video piece you want to make faster and click Edit. Switch to the Video Speed tab. Increase the speed of your video by choosing an option from the dropdown list or with the speed slider below.

Make some video pieces faster
Increase the speed of particular parts in your video

Step 5. Accompany Your Video with Music

Once you increase the speed of your video, the same will happen to its sound. If funny mumbling isn’t something you want to have in your video, right-click the accelerated piece on the timeline and mute it. Accompany your video with one of the 200+ build-in soundtracks or use a tune of your own.

Use the built-in soundtracks for your video
Choose an uplifting soundtrack for your video

Step 6. Export Your Video

Finished editing your clip? Hit Create Video. You will be able to choose from dozens of export options: for TV, YouTube, and social media. Clipify also allows burning your video on a DVD.

Save your video in any format
Export your edited video as an MP4 for sending it via email

Apart from speeding up a specific part of your video, Clipify helps perform complex tasks as well. For instance, you can use the program to cut pieces out of a video, apply 450+ effects and titles, add a logo to a video, change its background, stabilize shaky pieces, color correct your video, and improve its quality. Check out the detailed tutorial on how to enhance a video to learn more.

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4 Extra Ways of How to Speed Up Parts of a Video

If somehow Clipify is not the program you feel comfortable with, or you are not a Windows user, we have 4 alternative video editors you can employ to speed up parts of your clip. First comes Adobe Premiere Pro, a powerful all-in-one program for professional video montaging. It has a pretty complicated interface, but that won’t be a problem for people who have at least some experience with other Adobe programs.

Feel better off editing your video in a simple smartphone application? Check out an iOS app that specializes in making videos faster. Don’t have an iPhone or iPad? Go with this Android app which has pretty much the same functionality as its iOS counterpart.

Alternative way to speed up parts of a video
Speed up your sunset video with Kapwing

Finally, if you are an occasional user who doesn’t want to install any extra programs on their device, try making certain parts of your video faster with Kapwing. This editor is compatible with any computer, smartphone, and tablet so you can use it wherever you are as long as you have access to the Internet.

Final Words on Speeding Up Videos

Now that you know 5 ways of how to speed up certain parts of a video, you have nothing to worry about. Any of these editors will work perfectly fine for the task. If you are a user who enjoys multi-purpose editors that are intuitive in their use, we would recommend you give Clipify a chance. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and even older versions of the OS. But whatever software you choose, we hope you make a spectacular video.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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