How to Slow Down a Video?

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How to Slow Down Videos in Mere Minutes

Some moments caught on camera are definitely worth more attention. So making your video slower is one of the best ways to draw your viewers’ eyes to the important parts of your movie. You can perform this task in a few clicks with a handy video editor. But which one to choose?

Yes, we know, there are so many video editing tools, so it can be a challenging task to pick the right one. No worries! We’ve done the research for you and are ready to tell you about 6 best ways to make your movie slower in 2024. Keep reading this guide and you’ll discover paid and free tools for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Moreover, you’ll learn how to slow down a video or some certain parts of it in mere clicks.

Make the video slower
Just a couple of clicks and important moments are in the centre of attention

Way 1. How to Make a Video Slower with Clipify

Clipify is a free automatic video editor for PC. The software can help you enhance your videos in a click. You can cut, glue, crop or trim your footages in a couple of minutes. What’s more, slowing down a video isn’t a challenging task with Clipify as well. In our tutorial, you’ll find out how to make the whole movie slower, then you’ll learn to perform the task with any part of your footage. Let’s dive in!

  1. Run Clipify. Download this free video editing software, follow the wizard to install and open it.
  2. Open your video file. Click Open Videos and Photos and pick the file you need, and add it to the timeline
  3. Make the video slower. Click the Edit button and choose Video Speed. Now pick a speed option from the dropdown menu or drag the slider below and you’re done!
Make a video slower with Clipify
Slow down your short movie in a click with Clipify

In most cases you need to slow down not the whole video, but a certain part of it. This way you can easily draw your viewers’ eyes to special moments of your movie. So let’s learn how to slow down a part of a video with the help of Clipify.

Step 1. Open Your Video with the Editor

Click Open Videos and Photos, choose the video you need, and add it to the timeline.

Open your video with Clipify
Pick the video you want to edit

Step 2. Split Your Video Into Several Parts

Move the cursor to the start of the video section you want to make slower. Click Split on the toolbar to separate this part from the rest of your footage. Now move the cursor to the end of the video section that you want to slow down and separate it too.

Separate the parts of your clip you need to slow down
Cut your video into the parts to slow down only some of them

Step 3. Slow Down Certain Parts of the Video

Select the piece of the footage you want to make slower and click Edit. Then switch to the Video Speed tab. Now you can make your video slower in two ways: choose a speed option from the dropdown list or use the speed slider below.

Make this part of your clip slower and leave the rest
Let's make only the chosen part of the footage slower

Step 4. Export Your Edited Movie

Your slowed video will play back more smoothly. If you like the result, click Create Video and choose the export option that suits you best: an AVI or a DVD file or a video for TV or Internet.

Export your slower video in the needed format
Save your movie and share it on your social media

Now you know how to slow down videos with Clipify, but this powerful editor is capable of much more! The program offers you a rich toolkit to enhance your videos. You can employ Clipify to color correct a video and perfect it in mere minutes. Add text to a video and make your short film speak for you. Brighten dark videos to improve the footage taken in poor lighting conditions. If you want to fine-tune your movie further, apply eye-catching effects and filters.

Prefer video tutorials? Then watch this guide and learn all the essential features of Clipify, the free automatic video editor:

Clipify video review

Clipify looks like handy software to slow down a video? Then, don’t hesitate and give it a go! Download this video editor for free and make your videos slower in a few clicks.

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Install Clipify on your computer, follow the steps of our tutorial and edit your videos in no time.

Way 2. Slow Down a Video with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most famous video editing software. The program allows you to work with a variety of video formats. The software can help you add animations and special effects to your clip. If you’ve already purchased an expensive subscription, you can use this program as a slow down video editor as well.

  1. Find the necessary tool In the Project or Timeline panel select the video you need. Right-click the selected video and choose Show Clip Keyframes > Time Remapping > Speed. Keep moving the mouse pointer to the horizontal line in the middle of the clip. Then you’ll see a black arrowhead with a small vertical double-arrow next to it.
  2. Set the video speed Slightly drag the line downwards. You can control the percentage change with the tooltip. When you release the mouse, the clip length will automatically extend. Then press Command/Control - you’ll see the pointer turn white. Then add a time remapping keyframe and drag the line down to the right to decrease the speed of your footage.
  3. Save your video Now your video has been slowed down. If you like the result, save it. To do that, click File > Export > Media opt for the video format that suits you best and click Export. Alternatively, you can export your movie to your social media page. Click the Publish tab, log into the network you need and click Export. Done!
Use Adobe Premiere Pro to slow down a video
Make your video slower with Adobe Premiere Pro

Want your viewers to slow down your videos by themselves? Just upload your normal speed movies to a hosting platform like Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia and that’s it. Now your audience can set the video playback speed to their liking.

Way 3. Make a Video Slower Online with Kapwing

If you wonder how to slow down a video online, there’s Kapwing for you. This is a platform that allows you to edit your videos for free. Once you’ve uploaded your clip to it, it will look much fuzzier that it actually is. But once you export your edited movie the quality will be automatically restored. What’s more, there are no watermarks on the output files if you sign in to your Kapwing account. Otherwise there’ll be a small sign in the right bottom corner of your clip.

  1. Upload your movie to the website You can upload your video or GIF file to the platform or paste the link to the video from YouTube, TikTok or other web sources.
  2. Choose the video speed Use the sidebar to change the speed of your file. Click the Minus sign to make the video slower. You can reduce the playback speed to 0,75x or 0,5x.
  3. Export your movie Like the slowed video? Then click Export and choose the destination folder for your movie. Kapwing allows its users to share the result video or the link to it on social media.
Use this handy online video editor
Employ Kapwing to make your video slower online for free
Want to slow down a video?
Get Clipify and make all your video or certain parts of it slower.
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Way 4. Slow Down Videos with iMovie

If you’re a Mac owner, you can employ the iMovie program, to slow down your video. This software allows you to customize a movie to your liking. You can add special effects, nice music, and apply Apple designed themes to your short film. The program adjusts the frame rate of your clip by default. Let's see how you can make your footage slower with iMovie.

  1. Select the video clip to slow down Choose the clip you want to edit on the timeline. Then find the Speed button and click it to see the speed controls.
  2. Make your video slower Click Slow in the Speed pop-up menu, then hit the Speed button. This way you can set the speed you need. Or you can drag the speed slider to the right to make your video slower.
  3. Save your movie Once finished, click the Share button in the toolbar to send your video via email, share it on Facebook or YouTube or export it as a file. The software will prompt you to set tags and a description for your clip. You can also give your movie a new title or leave the default one.
Employ iMovie to edit your footage on Mac
You can slow down different parts of your video with iMovie

Need to enhance your MKV videos but don't know where to start? Read this article about how to edit MKV video files and give your footage a professional look in just a few clicks.

Way 5. Make Your Short Movie Slower with an iPhone

Slowing down video on a mobile device is as easy as it is on a PC. iPhone owners can use the free Slow Fast Slow app and get the job done on the go. What’s more, the editor keeps the correct audio pitch, which is often changed when the video is slowed down. You can export your videos in the square or original ratio. But this app requires iOS 10 and higher.

  1. Open your short movie Once you’ve installed the app, pick the video you want to make slower from your mobile photo gallery. You can tap the Plus sign and add the chosen clip.
  2. Decrease the video speed Tap and press or press and hold one of the marker points that you can see in the bottom part of your screen. Move the marker point down to slow down your video. You can add more marker points to slow down different parts of your footage.
  3. Save the slowed video Export the result clip to your phone photo library. Once you’ve saved the movie you can not only rewatch it whenever you want, but also share it via your social media.
Render your videos slower on iPhone
Slow down various parts of your movie with a mobile app for iOS

Want not only to make your video slower, but to improve its overall quality? Then discover how to enhance a video in a couple of clicks.

Way 6. Slowing Down a Video on Android

Own an Android-based device? Then you can make your video slower wherever you are with the Slow Motion Video FX app. This post-processing editor allows you to add soundtracks or apply filters to your movies. You can also set the desired speed to any specific pieces of your footage in the Advanced process version of the app or can make the whole video slower in the Simple Process version. Keep in mind that there are ads and in-app purchases within the app.

  1. Open your video to slow down First you need to upload a video from your phone or shoot a new one.
  2. Slow down your footage Now you need to add some points to the timeline. When finished, move the points down to make the necessary parts of your video slower.
  3. Save you video to the phone gallery If you’re done with that and don’t need to apply any filters to your footage, it’s time to export it. The movie will be saved to your phone photo and video gallery.
Employ your Android device to do the task
Add more points to the timeline to slow down more video parts

Now you’ve leant how to slow down videos in 6 different ways and are ready to choose the perfect one. If you haven’t decided which way to follow, let us help you a bit.

If you need a mobile app to make your videos slower on the go, then opt for the Slow Fast Slow app to install on an iPhone or pick the Slow Motion Video FX app for Android. In case you prefer an online alternative for editing your movies, choose Kapwing and remember to sign in to export your videos without watermarks.
Like working on your PC? Then Clipify is the best option for you. This free video editing software can help you not only slow down the whole video or just some certain parts of it, but customize your short movies to your liking. So, you can employ Clipify to color correct your movies, add a catchy tune and special captions to your videos and much more.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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