iMovie for Windows - Best Alternatives Found

iMovie is a free video editing program developed by Apple exclusively for Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. It has an uncluttered interface, comes with a rich collection of effects and transitions, and is beloved by videography enthusiasts.

But what if you don’t own an Apple device? Can you use iMovie on a PC somehow? Unfortunately, no. But if you still want to try this application on your Windows computer, there are dozens of options on the market that are just as good or even better than iMovie. Below, you will discover the 7 best alternatives to iMovie for Windows. Here are the main characteristics of iMovie that we have looked for in other programs:

  • Undemanding in terms of hardware
  • Suitable for quick and basic editing
  • Easy to use, even for novices
  • Well-equipped with tools & features
  • Available completely free of charge

Now, let’s explore the iMovie alternatives for Windows in detail. Each program has its own benefits and downsides, so read on and choose the one you like most.

1. Clipchamp - Best for free and simple editing

Clipchamp is a free video editor from Microsoft that can be used online or as a desktop application for Windows 10 and later. Along with basic features such as cutting, cropping, rotating, and splitting, the program lets you loop clips, speed up or slow down footage, add or remove audio, and even overlay filters and transitions.

This iMovie equivalent for Windows also comes with some pro-level tools, allowing you to edit green-screen videos and turn text into speech. You can save your creations in HD and upload them to YouTube, TikTok, or cloud storage. Although there are many reliable features, the process of editing and exporting videos can be quite slow.

Use Clipchamp online or install it on your PC
Try this freeware online or download the desktop version


  • Template library for quick video creation
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Built-in stock media collection
  • Simple workflow


  • Can be sluggish sometimes
  • Most stock media is subscription-based

Conclusion: Clipchamp is fine for uncomplicated editing, but it can’t match the power of a full-featured editing suite. So, if you’re a serious videographer, look for other options.

2. Clipify - Best for novices and pros

Clipify is feature-rich video editing software for Windows 7 and newer. With this program, you can crop, split, sew your clips, apply over 160 special effects, add customizable title card templates, and accompany footage with 200+ royalty-free music tracks. Besides, you can make PiP montages, record screencasts, and export your creations for YouTube, Facebook, smartphones, TV, and DVD.

Even if you are a complete newbie, you can start editing right after downloading the program thanks to the user-friendly interface, a Video Wizard tool, and online tutorials. For experienced users, this software offers advanced features such as Chroma Key, stabilization, Tone Curves, voice & webcam recorders. What's more, unlike some other Windows equivalents to iMovie on the market, it doesn't take up much space on your hard drive.

Clipify - one of the best iMovie alternatives for Windows
Great pick for people with any skill level in videography


  • Chroma Key editing feature
  • Automatic video stabilization
  • Video Wizard for beginners
  • Webcam & voice recording tools
  • HQ export in 30+ formats


  • Some features are only available in the Pro version

Conclusion: If you’re searching for a reliable video editor to make eye-catching movies, then Clipify is the right choice. Regardless of your skill level, the software has everything you need to edit videos fast and without hassle, even in the free version.

3. OpenShot - Best for basic video editing

OpenShot is a free and open-source video editor like iMovie for Windows that is easy to use for newbies. This program lets you make simple adjustments to your footage, from splitting and trimming to automatic enhancement. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, drag and drop special effects, and add transitions to spice up your footage.

To start editing right away, OpenShot has handy pop-up tips. With just a few clicks, you can also access some pro-level tools such as Chroma Key and stabilization. As for drawbacks, the software has limited functions for complete post-processing compared to iMovie and some other video editors, yet enough for quick and basic edits.

Create simple videos with OpenShot
Use OpenShot for casual video editing


  • Uncomplicated interface
  • Timeline with unlimited tracks
  • Dozens of effects and transitions


  • Limited functionality
  • Can crash sometimes

Conclusion: OpenShot is handy if your video doesn't need in-depth editing. For professional videographers, however, the program's modest feature set won't give the results expected from some of the more popular programs on the market.

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4. Adobe Premiere Elements - Best for content creators

Adobe Premiere Elements is a simplified and user-oriented version of professional Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers a plethora of useful features aimed at helping users make precise yet easy edits to their social media content. The software comes with three video editing modes you can select depending on your skill level.

This iMovie app for Windows lets you drag-and-drop cinematic effects, add smooth transitions, and overlay animations. You can also adjust highlights and shadows, trim and resize videos, stabilize shaky clips, edit audio, and improve the quality of grainy footage. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until your creation is ready to share due to slow rendering. Also, you can't burn it to a DVD as a keepsake.

Adobe Premiere Elements - a handy video editor for content creators
Make engaging content with Adobe Premiere Elements


  • Different editing modes
  • Wide range of features
  • Built-in audio track library


  • Slow output rendering speed
  • Quite expensive

Conclusion: If you’re starting to shoot videos for social media or looking for precise yet simple-to-handle editing, Adobe Premiere Elements will be a handy piece of software. Yet, the slow rendering of your creations and a pricey license may prompt you to look for another option.

5. VSDC Video Editor - Best for low-end computers

VSDC Free Video Editor is free software with lenient hardware requirements. This equivalent of iMovie for Windows lets you do basic editing operations such as cropping, rotating, changing footage speed, and improving video sound. Plus, it supports plenty of output and input formats.

The program also comes with a decent set of advanced features: background removal with Chroma-key, video effects & filters, audio editor, screen and webcam capture, and 360-degree video creator. Despite all these cool perks, it can be quite difficult to find some functions, because of the rather confusing interface with lots of little buttons and submenus.

Use VSDC Video Editor to make cool edits on your outdated PC
Experiment with your edits using this non-linear software


  • User-friendly toolkit
  • Video & screen capturing tools
  • Low system requirements


  • Free version has limited functionality
  • Quite cluttered workflow

Conclusion: If you have an outdated computer with little available memory and want to create professional montages, VSDC Video Editor is a good choice. In case you are new to editing, it's better to consider other options due to the program's cumbersome interface.

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6. VideoPad Video Editor - Best for beginners

VideoPad Video Editor is movie making software that runs even on old Windows versions. Apart from basic features like cropping or enhancing, this iMovie alternative for Windows lets you enhance footage with dozens of video and audio effects. You can also adjust colors, fix shaky footage, make screen and voice recordings, add animated text overlays, modify parts of clips with green screen, etc.

If you're a novice in this field, you can also make cool videos in mere minutes with the help of themed templates in a wizard. Although, you'll still have to spend some time getting familiar with the program before you can start creating because of its somewhat complicated interface.

Edit your videos in a jiff with VideoPad Video Editor
Quickly enhance your videos with VideoPad Video Editor


  • Collection of ready-made templates
  • A video wizard and online video tutorials
  • Feature-rich free version


  • Limited export options in the free version
  • Slightly unclear workflow

Conclusion: VideoPad Video Editor has a good selection of basic and some pro-level functions, making it handy software for those just starting out. Due to the somewhat unclear interface, though, you’ll need to spend some time mastering the program.

7. Lightworks - Best for casual edits

Lightworks is a free alternative to iMovie for computers running Windows 8 and higher. With this program, you can trim and split clips, add titles and captions, merge videos with transitions, color correct footage, spice up movies with in-program effects and filters, and enhance audio.

The software also lets you access footage straight from your cloud storage, export creations without watermarks, and don’t worry about unexpected glitches because of automatic local backup. As for downsides, to use the program for free, you have to sign up and reactivate the license every 90 days. Plus, you won't be able to export beyond 720p and test all the available features without paying.

Lightworks is a feature-rich program for experienced editors
Purchase Lightworks Pro to get the free music collection


  • Powerful features and effects
  • Cloud storage access
  • Customizable interface


  • Limited export and editing options in the free version
  • Steep learning curve

Conclusion: Lightworks offers a rich toolset for intermediate users free of charge. At the same time, you'll have to get used to its rather intimidating interface, deal with the loss of definition in your finished video, or pay for convenience and additional features.

Best iMovie Alternative for Windows: Conclusion

These were the 7 best apps like iMovie for Windows users. We hope you've already made up your mind or at least found a few programs that match your skills and needs. If not, let’s briefly recap what we've discovered. Can you get iMovie on a Windows PC? Now you know it’s impossible, but there are plenty of powerful software alternatives.

If you're looking for an intuitive and well-packed program that suits users of all skill levels, opt for Clipify. In case you’re a fan of Adobe programs, choose Adobe Premiere Elements. Want an easy-to-use video editor for casual edits? Check out OpenShot and Lightworks. Looking for a simple and free program to start your video editing journey? Give Clipchamp or VideoPad Video Editor a try. And in case you want to create complex movies without glitches on an outdated PC, go with VSDC Video Editor.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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