How to Record a Webinar?

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How to Record a Webinar: Hassle-Free Way

Want to revisit a crucial webinar, save key moments of a virtual event, or share your own educational videos with others? That's where the power of recording comes into play. Having reliable screen recording software is key to saving valuable info in high quality.

In this article, you’ll learn how to record a live webinar, no matter if you're the host or an attendee. We’ll guide you through the entire recording process in an automatic video editor for beginners and experienced users - Сlipify. We will also talk about other easy methods to record webinars, including desktop programs, browser extensions, and a mobile screen recorder.

These are some popular platforms where you might want to capture a meeting with the webinar recording tools we are going to discuss:

  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Discord
  • Livestorm
  • Google Meet

Webinars hosted on these or other platforms can be captured with no problem using the screen recording technique described below.

How to record a webinar
Record webinars on any device

Eager to try an effective screen capturing method yourself? Then let’s figure out the best way to record a webinar right now.

How to Record a Webinar on Your Computer

Webinars are typically carried out and viewed on a computer, so let’s begin with desktop webinar recording software - Clipify. This is a user-friendly video editor featuring a screen-capturing tool. Its advanced recording settings give you maximum customization: you can record the desired area of the screen, the webcam video, and microphone audio at once or separately. After ending a session, you can instantly edit the recording - mute parts of a webinar, delete unwanted segments, add your notes via text captions or voice comments, and more.

So, how do you record a webinar on a PC? Just follow the simple steps below, and you’ll capture virtual events without a hitch:

Step 1. Download the Program

For starters, get yourself the video editing software. Hit the button below to download the installation file for free and follow the wizard’s instructions. Then launch Clipify.

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Step 2. Adjust the Screen Recorder

Create a new project, click on Capture Screen Video, and adjust the screen-capturing settings. First, select one of the modes: Full Screen, Custom Area, or Window. Now, check the boxes if you want to record the microphone and computer audio, webcam footage, and cursor movements as well. For more customization options, click Settings.

Get ready for the recording session
Change the settings to record a webinar perfectly

Step 3. Record the Webinar

Hit the Start Recording button to begin the session. Use the recording controls to pause or resume the screencasting process.

Begin recording the webinar
Click the button to start the session

Step 4. Save Your Recording

Once the webinar is over, hit the Stop button to end the recording session. Finally, click Create Video to export the video in the desired format.

Export the new file to your PC
Save the recording in high quality

This is how you can effortlessly record a webinar with Clipify. Once it’s done, don't hesitate to use other features to perfect your recordings. For example, the program lets you instantly enhance the quality of a video with an automatic tool, the Color Curves feature, and over 150 one-click filters. Besides, you can take your videos to a new level using Chroma Key for background replacement and PiP or Pan & Zoom effects for making the footage more dynamic.

Clipify will also help you cut certain parts of a video if there are segments of a webinar you don’t need. To make further sharing easier for you, you can turn a vertical video into horizontal for viewing it on a computer, or rotate a recording from horizontal to vertical for posting it on social media. You might want to add your logo to a video as well to protect your webinar recording from unauthorized use. You can also add some notes and stickers to highlight key information.

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How to Record a Webinar: Other Ways

Would you like to try out some other webinar recorders? There are 5 alternative methods you can use. For example, if you’re going to watch webinars on an iPhone or iPad, you can record them with Screen Recorder Pro. It’s a mobile app where you can add text captions, draw on a recording, trim it, and save it at the desired resolution.

To record a live webinar without leaving the browser, you can install This is a free Google Chrome extension used for screencasting. It offers several modes for capturing a desired area and customization options for adjusting audio recording. It can run on all major operating systems, so whether you need it for Windows 11, Linux, or macOS, will work hassle-free.

Capture webinars with a Chrome extension, easy-to-use webinar recorder

There’s one more browser extension - Vimeo Record, but you can use the screen recorder as a desktop app, too, be that a Windows 10 or macOS 10.12 computer. But to get rid of the platform’s watermark, you’ll need to purchase the subscription.

To record your activities on a laptop, you can use ScreenRec. The good thing about this option is instant sharing - you can easily send it to others with a link. Another desktop recorder you might like is Bandicam. You can use this software to record webinars and capture screenshots. There are some limitations you need to consider though: the session can’t be longer than 10 minutes, recordings are watermarked, etc. If you don’t mind them, you can install the program on a Windows computer, including older versions like Windows 7 or 8.

Final Thoughts on Recording a Webinar

Now you know how to record a webinar you are watching using powerful desktop software - Clipify. With this screen recorder at your disposal, you can easily capture webinars, so you can revisit, share, and learn at your convenience. We also showed you a couple of alternative ways, including desktop programs, browser extensions, and a mobile app. Each program offers unique features and capabilities that cater to different user needs.

So, you’re pretty much ready to try the best way to record a webinar in practice, aren’t you? Pick the screen recorder you like the most and give it a shot today!

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