How to Change Video Speed?

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How to Change the Speed of a Video in a Jiff

There are many reasons why you may want to change the video speed. Maybe you've filmed a how-to video for YouTube and want your viewers to focus on the details. Or you just want to shorten the overall run time of a video due to video length limits on Instagram. Whatever the reason, your movies could benefit from speed effects as proper timing and pace can help you bring your clip to a whole new level. In this article, we’ll tell you how to change video speed in a couple of clicks. You don't even need to have any editing skills in order to do that.

We’ll show you how to edit the speed of the whole video as well as some parts of it using Clipify. This fully-featured automatic video editing software offers a set of different playback speeds to choose from. Moreover, you can download it absolutely free. We will also share with you 5 alternative video speed editors you can use to complete the task. Ready? Let’s get started!

How to Change Video Speed Step by Step

The process will take less than 2 minutes. Ready to start? Follow the guide below and see what you can do with Clipify.

  1. Run Clipify. Click Add Videos and Photos to choose your clip and add it to the timeline.
  2. Open the speed settings. Switch to the Video Speed tab to get access to multiple speed changing options.
  3. Change the video speed. In the drop-down menu, select the option you need. If you choose 3x, your video will be 3 times faster. Select 0,5x to make it slower 2 times. You can also edit the video speed by moving the slider to the left or to the right. Apply the changes and save your video.
Use Clipify to change video speed
Choose from a variety of speed options

Now you know how to edit the speed of a video. But this way is suitable when you need to edit the whole clip. Need to edit a particular piece of it? Then you should use another method. Let’s take a closer look at it with the detailed guide below.

Step 1. Open Your Clip

As you’re running the video speed changer, upload your files by clicking the Add Videos and Photos button or simply drag and drop them onto the timeline.

Add your videos and organize them the way you want
Add your clips to the timeline in the order you need

Step 2. Split Your Video

Now move the cursor to the beginning of the part you want to edit and click the Split icon on the toolbar. Next, you need to move the cursor to the end of this part and click the same icon. That’s it, now you have a separate video piece.

Separate any video part to change its speed
Split as many parts as you need

Step 3. Change Your Video Speed

Choose the video piece you want to edit and click on it. Hit the Edit button on the toolbar above the timeline. Next, switch to the Video Speed tab. There, you can change video speed by either moving the speed slider or choosing one of the preset options from the dropdown list. Preview the result by clicking the Play button below the clip to make sure you have achieved the right pace. If you’re satisfied with the result, click Apply.

Select the best speed option
Pick the desired speed option from the dropdown list

Step 4. Export Your Video

Once you’ve finished editing, click Create Video and choose the export option. Save your video for watching on a PC or burn it to a DVD player. Want to post your clip on social media? Just pick the Create video for the Internet option and share it with your friends.

Export your clip
Choose your smartphone model and save your video for watching on it

As you can see, Clipify is an easy video editing program that can change video speed. But that’s not all you can do with the software! Had to film your clip in poor lighting conditions? With Clipify you can easily make a video brighter. There are also different tools that help change the aspect ratio of a video to make it suitable for watching on various devices without black bars. If you feel that your clip is not complete, just overlay a picture on a video and make it interesting with the help of different embellishments.

Want to change the speed of a video?
Download Clipify and create clips at any speed you want!
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How to Edit the Speed of a Video: Alternative Ways to Try

Not a Windows user or just want to check out how to edit the pace of your clip in other ways? Here you'll find the software to change video speed that’s suitable for various devices. Looking for an online tool to complete the task? Kapwing is a free online video editor that is compatible with any iPhone, Android, PC or tablet. It is a cloud-based video speed changer, which means you can work with videos wherever you want. It's easy to use and understand for a beginner. The main drawback is that there are limits to the video file size in the free version.

If you prefer editing videos on your iOS device, there are several options for you. Need a free video speed editor? Then try iMovie, a preinstalled editing app. It has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to use and great for beginners. But the app lacks a number of export formats and has a limited amount of editing capabilities. However, there is one more app for iOS users - Motion Video Editor. With it, you can easily change video speed and apply speed variations to multiple sections of your clip with free export and no watermarks. But if you want to use all the features, you need to purchase a subscription.

Alternative video speed changer
Change the speed of your video with iMovie

Don’t know how to adjust video speed on Android? Get Video Speed Changer. The editor is truly easy to use as it’s designed to complete only one task. It allows you to easily convert any clip into a slow motion or fast motion video. Besides, you can selectively change speed for multiple parts of the same video using this app. This tool is great and has many pluses except for one thing: it is full of ads and pop-ups that can be annoying and make the editing process slower.

Want to explore how to change video speed on Windows professionally? Consider trying Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the best-known video editors. It has intuitive and effective Roll, Ripple, Slip, and Slide editing tools and offers layer adjustments. However, the software interface is complicated, and it may take you quite a lot of time to learn how to use it.

Need to change the orientation of your footage on a PC? It can be done in mere seconds - here's how to rotate a video on Windows.

What Tool to Choose to Adjust Video Speed?

Now you’ve learned how to change video speed using 6 different editors and have all the necessary tools to create perfectly paced clips. Need help making up your mind? If you prefer editing online, then Kapwing is what you need. If you’re an iOS user, you already have a preinstalled app called iMovie that has all the necessary tools. Besides, you can try Motion Video Editor. Looking for a convenient app for Android? Then Video Speed Changer can be the perfect option. If you’re a fan of Adobe products and want to become a video editing pro, then Adobe Premiere Pro is your go-to.

However, Clipify looks like the best choice, as it gives you the power to play with the speed of the whole video as well as a part of it. This editor has an intuitive interface, clear instructions and low system requirements that make it suitable for people of all skill levels. Just run this video speed changer and edit your clips without any hassle.

Want to know how to change video speed?
Get Clipify for free and edit the speed of your clips in no time!
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