How to Rotate a Video on Windows?

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How to Rotate a Video on Windows – Top 7 Ways

Do you have a cool idea for a montage, but it requires turning footage upside down? Or you want to share a landscape video from your phone recorded as a vertical clip for some reason? No problem! You can rotate a video on a computer easily, and we will show you how.

The tools available to a PC user are plenty. Some are free and quite straightforward. Others might require some investment, but offer much more possibilities in return. Here we will dive into 7 instruments, and find the best ones this year. Without further ado, let's see how to rotate a video on Windows with different apps.

Rotating video in Windows
Spin the story your way by rotating the video

1. How to Rotate a Video in Windows with Clipify

Clipify is an automatic video editor with a free version available for any Windows edition, starting from Windows 7 up to Windows 11. Along with essential editing tools, it offers a wide range of effects, transitions, templates, and other features for intuitive and streamlined video production. If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool for rotating a video in Windows, Clipify’s got you covered. Here’s how to rotate a video with it:

Step 1. Install Clipify

Click the button below to get the installation file. Then run this file and follow the wizard prompts. Once the installation is complete, launch the program from the desktop icon.

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Step 2. Upload a Clip

Create a blank project. Then you have two options: click the Add Videos and Photos button and find your clip in the file browser, or drag and drop the footage directly to the timeline.

Opening a video
Upload the misdirected clip

Step 3. Rotate the Video

Select your clip on the timeline and click the Rotate button to turn the clip 90° right. You can click that button two or three times to rotate the footage 180° and 270° respectively.

Rotating a clip
Flip the footage on its side

Step 4. Save the Result

Click the green button under the preview player, choose Create HD video, adjust bitrate and resolution, then click Create Video. Done! Apart from HD video, there are options for iPhones, iPads, YouTube, and many other devices and hostings.

Saving the result
Spin your story and share it with others

And that’s not all! With Clipify you can do so much more than just rotate videos on Windows. If you want to learn more editing tricks you can do with Clipify, check out these guides:

Now you know how to rotate a video on Windows! Try it right now, just click the button below.

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Once your clip is in the right place, you can try to edit the video further with Clipify’s many tools and effects. You will have unlimited access to the free version to check it all out.

2. How to Rotate a Video on Windows 10 with Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is designed for people who want to create videos with no hassle that comes with mastering the immense toolkits of Final Cut or Premiere Pro. Premiere Elements offers a broad selection of effects, high rendering speed, and numerous formats support, along with automated tools and overall simplicity. Keep in mind, however, that Premiere Elements has no official Windows 8 support. If you want to use it to rotate a video on Windows 10, here’s how:

  1. Run the program and add your footage to the timeline, then select your clip there.
  2. Click Applied Effects to open the Applied Effects menu.
  3. Click the arrow icon near Motion to see the motion effect settings.
  4. Select Rotate Left or Rotate Right to turn the clip 90° in a corresponding direction; otherwise, click and drag to set the precise rotation value manually.
Adobe Premiere Elements
The interface of Adobe Premiere Elements

Want to improve the overall video quality along with fixing the perspective? Then read our in-depth guide on how to enhance your video quality!

3. How to Rotate a Video in Windows with VEED

VEED offers an essential video editing toolkit that you can use online, meaning you don’t have to install anything on your PC. VEED’s key features are audio transcription, subtitling in one click, custom branding, and format conversion, along with other functions. You can also work on a project with other editors via group access. Here’s how to rotate a video on a PC with VEED:

  1. Upload your footage to the editor.
  2. Click Adjust, then go to the Rotation section.
  3. Type in positive values to rotate right or negative to rotate left.
  4. Click Export to save the result.
VEED – a web-based video editor

4. How to Rotate a Video on a PC with Clideo

Clideo is an all-round browser-based video editor. Its toolkit includes all the necessary tools (e.g. rotation, cropping, captions addition, and more) you’d expect from an installable video editor and is adapted both for desktop computers and mobile devices. On top of that, a multi-track timeline enables quite complex editing of multiple video clips, audio tracks, and images. Here’s how to rotate a video in Windows 10 with Clideo:

  1. Upload a clip to Clideo. You can either find your file via the file browser, drag it into the browser windows, or upload it from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Drag your video to the timeline.
  3. To rotate the clip, you can either click the Rotate button and turn the footage 90° clockwise, or enter your own degree value.
  4. Click the Export button to save the result. Note that to save it in HD or higher resolution, you’ll have to go premium.
Clideo – another online editing platform
Want to easily rotate videos on Windows?
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5. How to Rotate a Video on a Computer with Photos App

Photos is a media manager that is a part of the Windows 10 package. It includes a toolkit for editing photos and, contrary to its name, videos. Photos app is perfect for the most basic operations, such as cropping, trimming, and stitching videos together. Plus it is totally free. Here’s how you can rotate a video on a computer with it:

  1. Run the app and click New video project or New video, then select Start new video project from the menu.
  2. Drag a video into the project library. Alternatively, click the +Add button, choose From this PC, and navigate to the video via the file browser.
  3. Drag the video from the library into the timeline.
  4. Press Ctrl + R to rotate the video 90° right. Or you can click the Rotate button.
  5. Click Finish video, select a quality setting and a destination folder.
Photos – available to every Windows 10 user

6. How to Rotate a Video on Windows with VLC

First and foremost, VLC is an open-source, free media player compatible with nearly every video format in existence. But it also includes instruments for basic video processing. However, editing is not a primary function of VLC, which is why it is not as intuitive as with a full-fledged video editor. But you can still do quite a lot with it, including rotating a video in Windows. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Media > Open File to open your clip. Then go to Tools > Effects and Filters.
  2. Open the Video Effects tab and select Geometry. You can use preset rotations by 90°, 180°, and 270°, or flip your video horizontally or vertically, by ticking the Transform checkbox and picking the needed option. Alternatively, you can rotate your video by selecting the rotation angle manually by ticking the Rotate checkbox and moving the circular icon.
  3. Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced Preferences, click All, then go to Video > Filters in the panel on the left. On the right, enable the Video transformation filter setting and click Save.
  4. Navigate to Media > Convert / Save. Click Add in the Open Media box to insert the video file. Then click Convert / Save.
  5. Select the Convert option and choose a video output format from the Profile options. Then click the wrench icon.
  6. Go to the Video Codec tab, find the Video checkbox, and tick it. Go to the Filters tab and choose Video transformation filter. Then hit Save.
  7. In the Convert window, confirm the output and the Destination file location in the box. Then click the Start button. VLC will save the file with the provided settings.
VLC – an open-source player and editor

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7. How to Rotate a Video File with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker includes a number of editing features, such as timeline, transitions, animations, and more. It is user-friendly and easy to play around with. However, Windows Movie Maker is discontinued. It still can be used to rotate videos on Windows 7, but installing it on a newer version might be tricky. If you are willing to try Windows Movie Maker anyway, here’s how:

  1. Launch the program. To open your video file, click the Add photos and videos button.
  2. To turn the video, click either Rotate Left or Rotate Right.
  3. Click the document icon in the top left part of the program window, then select Save Movie.
Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker – old, but gold

Rotating a Video in Windows – Final Words

Hopefully, you have learned how to rotate a video on a computer in the best way for you. If you are still in two minds, let's do a quick recap. Prefer editing online? Clideo and VEED are at your service. Need something with more prowess? Try Adobe Premiere Elements. Looking for a perfect balance between ease of use and a variety of tools? Clipify is a way to go.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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