How to Record Messenger
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How to Record Messenger Video Calls with Audio
in High Quality

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular services used for free instant messaging and audio and video calls. With the rising number of remote workers, this Facebook app has been widely used for online meetings as it lets you have face-to-face conversations with up to 50 people and even share the screen during the call. The messenger also comes in handy for congratulating a loved one online or having group video chats with friends living abroad.

But you might need to save a video call for lots of different reasons: to share it with a coworker who missed a meeting, to provide a report on the work done, to record an informative webinar, or to save a part of your chat with a family member. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have a special tool for it, so you'll need to use a third-party tool. While searching for one, you’ll encounter lots of screen recorders that compress the footage reducing its quality, only record videos with sound off, or have other kinds of limitations.

So can you record Facebook video calls in high quality? You certainly can! In this article, you’ll discover the best solutions to do it on Windows, Mac, Android- or iOS-powered smartphones, and even online. We’ve tested each way and are ready to tell you everything you need to know about the top 7 screen recording programs that include both free and paid options. Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. We’ll give you step-by-step walkthroughs on how to record Facebook Messenger calls in each app.

How to record a Messenger video call
Record Facebook video calls on any device you have at hand

Already eager to get started? Then let’s get armed with one of the best 7 programs and figure out how to record Messenger video calls with sound right now!

1. How to Record a Messenger Video Call on the Web is an online video editor that also features a screen recorder. There are several recording layouts you can choose from. For example, you could only use the webcam, record both the screen and yourself, or turn off the webcam and record the screen alone. During a session, the Facebook Messenger call recorder also lets you mark things on the screen with the pencil tool and add sticky notes to type in some key points.

You can share the video with others simply by sending them a link - there is no need to upload the heavy file to cloud storage or a memory card. However, the Internet-based program has a time limitation - you can only record an hour-long video call or shorter. If you don’t mind that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the website, select one of the recording modes, and click Start Recording.
  2. When done, preview the video and hit Copy Link to share it with others. You can also save it on your laptop or phone by clicking the Download button. will help you record calls online
Record a video call with the online service

2. How to Record Facebook Calls on Windows

To record video meetings on a PC, try Clipify. This is a feature-rich video editor for beginners that can also be used as a Messenger video call recorder. It includes handy tools for webcam, voice, and screen capture. You can highlight cursor and mouse clicks, as well as save your recordings in high quality.

As a video editor, Clipify is easy to use yet offers a variety of features. If your footage has long pauses, you can get rid of them with a video speed changer. You can also cut and sew your clips, overlay a video on a video, add effects & transitions, change the background in a video, and more. Here’s how to use Clipify to record a video conference on a PC:

  1. Download Clipify for free and install it on your PC by following the wizard instructions.
  2. Open the program and create a new project.
  3. Click the Capture Screen Video button and specify the recording settings. Hit Start Recording to begin the process.
  4. Use the Stop button to finish the recording. After that, you can edit your video call or save it in the desired format.
Try the Clipify recorder
Record a video chat on Windows with Clipify

3. How to Record Facebook Video Calls on Android

AZ Recorder will work best for you if you’re going to record video meetings on an Android device. Apart from recording Facebook Messenger calls, you can also do a time-lapse, compress the output video, take screenshots, etc. AZ Recorder supports HD, Full HD, 2K, and 4K. In the Settings menu, you can also adjust such parameters as Orientation, Countdown before start, and Frame rate. Besides, the app doesn’t leave its watermark on the footage and sets no time limits. Here’s what you need to do to record Facebook Messenger voice calls on Android.

  1. Install the app on your smartphone. Start recording by tapping the video camera icon and hitting the Record button.
  2. To pause or finish recording the screen, swipe down and hit the corresponding button in the notification bar.
Record Messenger calls with AZ Recorder
Save a video meeting for further use on Android

4. How to Record Facebook Messenger Calls on iOS

As an Apple user, you can try Record it!, a mobile program available on the App Store for free. When the video call is recorded, you can change the canvas and background color and add an adjustable video commentary - Record it! allows you to select its shape, size, and placement.

Unlike many other screen recorders, this app stores your previous recordings, so you can always get back to them and organize the video library the way you want. To record a Facebook video meeting on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Messenger video recorder and tap the red button to begin the session.
  2. When the video chat is over, hit Stop Broadcast. If you’d like to add a voiceover, tap Commentary, and for video comments, use the FaceCam feature.
  3. Now save the file - you can export the video onto your device or post it directly on YouTube.
Try this iOS recorder
Use Record it! to create and store recordings on your iPhone

Searching for a beginner-friendly tool to edit the screen recorded video of a Facebook call? Here’s an automatic video editor for PC you can give a try.

5. How to Record Messenger Calls on PC

Capturing messenger calls on your PC has never been easier, thanks to Movavi Screen Recorder. This versatile software acts as an exceptional video call recorder and has an intuitive video trimming tool. Its rich set of features includes seamless webcam, voice, and screen capture capabilities, ensuring high-quality recordings every time.

Movavi Screen Recorder is designed for simplicity, making it accessible even to those new to recording. The program helps to emphasize important actions during your recording by highlighting cursor and mouse clicks. The software also ensures crisp and clear recordings, capturing every detail of your video calls in high quality.

Movavi Screen Recorder goes beyond basic recording. You can record your actions by highlighting the mouse cursor and keystrokes. Additionally, the program provides webcam overlays and scheduled recordings, adding a professional touch and convenience to your recordings.

  1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder.
  2. Configure parameters in Settings.
  3. Click on the video recording button and grant screen and microphone access (for macOS users).
  4. Select the desired recording area.
  5. Click the Start button to begin your recording and the Stop one to end.
  6. Trim and export your recording to your device or share it on YouTube or Google Drive directly from the software.
Record Messenger video calls on your PC
Capture video calls on your PC with Movavi Screen Recorder
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6. How to Record Messenger Calls Online

Using Clipchamp, a web-based service for video montage, is yet another way to record voice calls without installing anything on your computer or phone. This tool has a couple of customization options, such as resizing, rearranging, adding a logo, and changing the orientation. But the recording can’t last longer than 30 minutes, so you’ll have to make multiple short videos to merge them afterwards. You’ll also need to sign in to use the tool. Here’s how you record a video chat with Clipchamp:

  1. Sign in and click Record something. After that, select Screen or Screen and camera. To record a video call with audio, click the microphone icon. Hit the red button to begin recording.
  2. Play the footage and hit Save and edit.
Use the online Clipchamp recorder
Record online meetings without leaving the browser

7. How to Record a Facebook Video Chat on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you don’t need to download anything - Apple computers and laptops come with a free built-in screen recorder. Although there aren’t any video customization tools available, it can work perfectly for recording Messenger video calls. But if you’re running out of storage, it might stop recording in the middle of the session. Is there enough memory on your Mac? Then read on to learn how to use the embedded screen recording tool.

  1. Press Shift, Command, and the 5 keys to use the Messenger call recorder.
  2. In the floating toolbar, you’ll find a few recording modes: you can take a still screenshot, record the entire screen, or a part of it. If you’re recording a certain area of your screen, click and drag the selection edges around the part you’d like to save.
  3. Click Record to start the session.
  4. To stop recording the Facebook video call, press the circle button with a square in it - you’ll find this button at the top of your Mac’s screen.
Record a Facebook video chat on Mac
Try this Mac feature to record a video call

Do you have an MP4 video that needs a little editing? Learn how to edit MP4 videos using a beginner-friendly video editing program.

Recording Facebook Messenger Calls: Final Thoughts

Now you know how to record a Messenger video call, be that a meeting at work, online courses, or a video chat you have with family members or friends living abroad. There are tons of Facebook video call recorders on the Internet, and in this article, we introduced the best of the best to you. The reviewed programs will let you easily record online meetings and save the output in HD quality, whether you’re using a computer, phone, or web browser. And best of all, we showed both free and paid screen recorders, so you can find an app for any budget.

But before installing a program, consider the following question: can you record a Messenger video call without letting other participants know? They won’t notice that you’re recording the session, but you can warn them beforehand and see if they’re okay with it. In most cases, nobody minds it unless the recording is secretly used for commercial purposes.

Ready to give it a try? Then it’s time to look through the list of options one more time, and choose the program that works best for you.

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