How to Change a Video Background?

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How to Change the Background of a Video in 2023

Want to make eye-catching commercials, create a professional-looking educational video, or level up your content for your blog, but the background leaves much to be desired? Don’t worry - there’s no need to order backdrops or book a costly studio. You can record your footage wherever you want and easily replace the video background in post-production.

In this article, you’ll discover best 6 ways to insert a new background into video clips, including computer software for Windows and Mac, mobile apps, and web-based programs that lead the video editing industry in 2023. We made sure that you can find software for any budget and skill level in this post, whether you're looking for advanced or beginner-friendly tools, going to buy a subscription or prefer free apps. Now let’s get right to it and learn how to change a video background with the gadgets you have at hand.

How to change a video background: before vs. after
The video looks stunning with the new background

Way 1. How to Change Video Background on PC with Clipify

Want the new video to look realistic but have little editing experience? Then Clipify will be a good starting point for you! It’s a feature-packed program compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7. The clear interface and easy-to-use tools let you make a standout video in no time - crop and trim the clips, add soundtracks and voice comments, speed up or slow down parts of your footage, and more. To replace the video background in Clipify, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Install Clipify on Your Computer

For starters, download the installation file to launch the program and start the free trial.

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Step 2. Import Your Footage

When you open Clipify, you’ll see a list of popular features on the home screen - you need to select Change Background. In the new window, you have to upload your file by clicking Select Video With Plain Background. Then hit Next and import the video with the new background.

Upload the videos
Let’s transport the woman to the beach

Step 3. Change the Background of the Video

Once the clips are uploaded, another window will appear - here, you can get rid of the background by choosing its color with the Color Picker tool. Click Next and make other adjustments for a better result, e.g., change the position of the object, set a higher amount of Tolerance and reduce the Blending value - these settings will make the background replacement seamless. Preview the result and hit Next if you’re satisfied with it.

Change the video background
Don’t forget about the details to make a realistic video

Step 4. Export the New Video

When the video with the new background is ready, hit Next and choose the format you want to save it in. Clipify lets you export files as HD and AVI, create videos for mobile devices and save files in formats suitable for popular websites like YouTube and Facebook.

Export your video in the needed format
Time to share the new video clip

As you can see, it only takes a few clicks to create a new video with a natural-looking background in Clipify. But there are lots of other features apart from Chroma Key that you will find useful, so let’s see how to perfect your footage with them. Once you change the background of the video, you might need to change the aspect ratio of your video as well to avoid black bars and make it neatly fit the screen you want.

To give your clips a cinematic look or highlight specific parts, try to zoom in a video. If you lighten up a dark video, it will also help you make the quality better. Want to include webcam footage? Record a video with a webcam without leaving the software.

Way 2. How to Change the Background of a Video on Android

Prefer working with videos on your Android smartphone? Then Video Background Changer is the app you should give a try. Not only does it replace a video background in the footage already recorded, but it also erases the background in real time. In this app, Android users can apply a solid color, a gradient, a still photo, and a video as a new background. However, many users complain about distracting ads and occasional bugs in the app. If you don’t mind them, follow the steps to change the background of your video:

  1. Upload a video. Tap the Video icon to select the clip you’re going to tweak.
  2. Choose the new background. From the suggested options, pick the background you want or add your own file.
  3. Save the video. If you’re happy with the result, download it on your device by hitting the export button.
Change the footage background on your Android device
Swap backgrounds on Android

Recorded your videos in the MOV format and want to upgrade the footage? Then make sure to read this guide on how to edit MOV files.

Way 3. How to Replace the Video Background Using an iPhone

If you’re an Apple fan and need an automatic background changer for videos, go for this app. It lets you delete the background, add music, join several videos, and resize them. It’s a free video editor, but it offers in-app purchases. So here’s how you can substitute a video background in it:

  1. Select the footage. Once you install the app, open it and import the clip you want to change by hitting the ForeGround button.
  2. Replace the background. Now tap BackGround to pick a new background picture or video.
  3. Download the video. Press the Synthesize button and tap Save to Album.
Customize your video background on iPhone
Use your iPhone to replace the background in a few taps
Looking for a simple background changer for videos?
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Way 4. How to Change the Background on a Video Online

Need a program only for one time use? Then there’s no need to download software to change the background in a video - tweak your footage using an Internet-based video editor. We recommend for this job. The online service offers a bunch of tools to change the video the way you like - add text, create subtitles, crop clips, and so on. has a clear interface so beginners won’t have any problems while using the editor. However, certain features like saving files in HD quality are only available in the Premium version. To substitute a video background online, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the footage. Open the website and click Choose Video, then hit Upload a File in the new window to select a clip from your storage.
  2. Replace the background. Now click on the video and toggle on the Remove Background option. When the background is deleted, go to the Settings tab and select the type of background you want to use - a solid color or an image. Then either choose a color or upload a picture.
  3. Save the file. When you’re done, press the Export button, choose the output quality from the dropdown menu, and hit Export Video.
Add a better background to a video online
Funk up your footage with a new background online

Want to change the background and make other adjustments in your GoPro footage? Then read this article to learn more about how to edit GoPro videos on Windows.

Way 5. How to Substitute the Video Background on Mac

In case you’re concerned about privacy risks related to online video editing and still don’t want to download anything on your computer, then try fixing the background in iMovie, a free video editor pre-installed on all iOS-powered devices. You can use it to crop and trim your footage, enhance its quality, apply filters, resize the video, and more. But to replace the background in this program, you need a video recorded in front of a green or blue screen. If you have such a video, insert a new background this way:

  1. Choose a video. Start a new project and import the foreground and background videos by tapping the Add Media button.
  2. Superimpose the foreground clip. Place the green-screen video above the foreground clip on the timeline. In the Video Overlay Settings, open the dropdown menu and choose Green/Blue Screen. Drag the Softness slider to adjust the replacement.
  3. Save the project. Press the download button to export the new video.
Add a new background to videos in iMovie
Use iMovie to change the video background on Mac

Find out how to make the quality of a video better to always make professional-looking videos for work and school.

Way 6. How to Change Backgrounds in Videos in Premiere Pro

Need a pro-level computer program to create video content on a regular basis? Then don't hesitate to try Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s one of the giants of the industry that you can always rely on. Still the software will require some previous experience and has a steep learning curve. Besides, the costly subscription might not be worth it if you’re not going to use it for serious projects. To substitute a video background in this software, follow these steps:

  1. Import video files. Start a new project and place the clips in the timeline so that the background footage is put below the foreground video.
  2. Get rid of the background. Open the Effects panel, apply the Ultra Key effect on your video, and choose the color of the background using the eyedropper. Then switch to the Matte Generation settings to adjust Transparency, Shadow, Tolerance, and so on. In the Matte Cleanup settings, change the amount of Soften, Choke, Contrast, etc.
  3. Save the new video. Click on File, select Export, and choose Media. Choose the video format you need, select the destination folder, and press the Export button.
Replace the background with another with Premiere Pro
Change the video background in Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Thoughts

Video background removal sounds like something only professional videographers are capable of. But now you know how easily you can do it even if you’ve never gotten to deal with video montage before. All you need to do is choose a program that will work best for you.

In this guide, we showed you how to change the video background with a bunch of tools for any budget and taste: computer programs for Windows and Mac, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and a browser-based service for editing anywhere with a stable Internet connection. But for professional-grade results and the easiest editing process possible, be sure to try Clipify.

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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