How to Edit MOV Files?

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How to Edit MOV Files – 8 Easy Techniques

MOV is a rather popular video format created by Apple for its macOS. These video files are basically multimedia containers with several tracks of different data types: sound, video, text, and more. This makes editing MOV files especially convenient. Unfortunately, MOV videos are not easily compatible with non-Apple devices, but modern software manages to bridge that gap. So, if you want to include MOV files in your movie on any device – you can!

However, now you have to choose a video editor for your project, and we recommend taking a look at Clipify. It is a free program that offers one of the most effective ways to edit MOV files on a personal computer powered by Windows 7 or newer. Clipify provides instruments for basic editing, such as filters and effects, as well as some advanced features for color grading, sound processing, and much more!

A MOV clip before and after processing
Edit MOV files on a PC and turn them into stylish clips

In this guide, we'll show how to edit MOV files with step-by-step instructions for different techniques. Framing, trimming, erasing background, speeding up or slowing down, stitching clips together, and cutting unneeded bits out – all of this is achievable with Clipify, a free automatic video editor. In addition, we will look at some Clipify alternatives.

So let’s get started! First things first, you need to install the program for the job. Click the button to download the free version of Clipify and see what you are able to do with your MOV videos.

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Run the file and follow the instructions to install the MOV editor. Once you do, let's take a look at a few ways to play with your footage using the tools at hand.

Way 1. Crop and Frame the MOV Video

Black bars are a common occurrence in video editing. They appear when the proportions of your footage and the target screen do not match. One common cause is showing a vertical video on a horizontal screen. In this case, you may convert a vertical video to horizontal one. But here’s how to use framing in MOV movie editing:

  1. Run Clipify. Launch the program and create a blank project. Then drag your clip to the timeline, or click the Add Videos and Photos button and find it in the file browser.
  2. Pick the cropping tool. Select the clip on the timeline and click the Crop button.
  3. Select a preset. The quickest method to change the aspect ratio is to use ready-made presets which include the most popular 16:9 and 4:3 formats.
  4. Try custom settings. You can also use the Free Crop tool and set any aspect ratio you want. Then click Apply.
Cropping the MOV footage
Sculpt the frame as you see fit

Way 2. Edit MOV Files Automatically

Check one box, and Clipify will enhance the lighting and contrast of your video, enrich the tones, and make the overall look way better. Thanks to the Auto Enhancement feature, editing MOV files with Clipify is possible with minimal input on your part! Here’s how to use this feature:

  1. Open the editing menu. Click on your video on the timeline to select it, then click the Edit button.
  2. Use the auto enhancement. Open the Enhancement tab and tick the Auto Enhancement checkbox.
  3. Save the changes. Take a look at the result in the preview player and click Apply.
Auto Enhancement feature
Making a video look better in one click

Way 3. Stitch Some MOV Files into One

Having multiple clips opens much more possibilities than editing just one. This can be achieved either by splitting and cutting parts out of a video or opening multiple files in the MOV editor. Either way, here’s what you can do with a set of pieces:

  1. Arrange the clips. Experiment with the sequence of your clips, making them flow smoothly into one another and matching the music if you use it in your project.
  2. Trim unwanted parts. Select a clip, then click the Edit button on the toolbar above the timeline. Then click Cut and Set Duration. Enter the exact start and end time values, or select the portion of the clip you want to keep with the blue markers. Then click the Apply button.
  3. Add transitions. Next, open the Transitions tab and drag your preferred transition onto the timeline. There are plenty of options, from uncomplicated swipes and fades to more artistic morphs and whatnot. To apply the same transitions to all clips in the project, simply click the Apply Transition to All Clips button. You can also let the program add random transitions to every juncture.
Assembling a video from fragments
Arrange clips and use transitions for a better flow
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Way 4. Edit the Soundtrack of Your MOV Movie

Clipify allows you to edit MOV files’ audio tracks. At your disposal are handy tools to adjust the volume, add audio points, make the track fade in and out, or mute it completely to add some music instead. There’s even a dedicated feature to record and add voice-overs to videos. Either way, here are some ways to edit the audio track:

  1. Adjust the volume. If your clip has an audio track, you can alter its sound level to better fit the soundscape of the whole project. To do so, click Edit on the toolbar and adjust the volume slider on the General tab. Select the Mute option from the same menu if you want to make your video silent.

  2. Put music over video. Navigate to the Files tab from the main screen and select Open Music Collection. Choose a song that fits the mood of your video and click Add to Project. Otherwise, click the Add Audio Files button on the main screen and select some songs from your PC library to import.

  3. Add audio points. If you want the volume of an audio track to change at certain moments during the playback, right-click the audio and pick Add Audio Point. Change the volume of certain parts of the track by moving the points up or down. Additionally, you can apply other changes, such as trimming, adding fade-in and fade-out effects, changing the volume, and so on.

Editing the audio track
Give your footage a proper voice

Way 5. Stabilize Shaky MOV Footage

Another thing you can do while editing MOV videos is stabilization. When you shoot videos on the move or without a tripod, the footage often gets shaky. In this case, Clipify will help you significantly reduce the quivering and make your footage much smoother in a single click. Here’s how:

  1. Upload a shaky clip. Drag your footage to the timeline from a folder. Alternatively, click the Add Videos and Photos button and navigate to your clip via the file browser.
  2. Apply stabilization. Click the Edit button above the timeline and go to the Enhancement tab. Then check the Image Stabilization box and click Apply. Done!
Reducing the shaking
Make your movie more smooth and clear

Way 6. Edit the MOV Video Background

Chroma Key used to be a privilege of high-budget movie studios. Today it is ubiquitous and as easy to use as a few mouse clicks. Clipify allows you to easily replace a green screen or any homogeneous background, for that matter. You may also learn more from an extensive guide on how to change the video background, but here’s the gist of it:

  1. Open the tool. Firstly, go to the Tools menu in the top part of the window and select the Change Video Background option.

  2. Load your media. In the new window, open the video with the background you want to remove. Then open an image or a clip that will serve as the new backdrop.

  3. Remove the background. Select the background color from the original video that will be removed.

  4. Fine-tune the blending. On the next screen, adjust the position of the front video, color tolerance, and blending level until it looks perfect.

Changing the backdrop
Back your video with the image of your choice
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Way 7. Enhance the Footage with Filters

No matter how good your filming skills are, there’s always room for some visual enhancement. Clipify lets you easily apply artistic visual effects and make footage more expressive and stylish. Here’s how to do it with this MOV file editor:

  1. Choose a fitting filter. Go to the Effects tab and pick an appropriate category – cinematic, romantic, vintage, and many more. Then pick a filter and watch how it changes the video in the preview window.

  2. Apply and adjust. To use an effect, drag it to a clip on the timeline. That’s it! If you want to experiment, click Effect Settings to adjust available parameters or even stack several filters on one clip.

Stylizing a MOV video with effects
Turn bland footage into an eye-candy

Way 8. Add Captions and Overlays to Your Video

You may still feel that something is missing after editing and enhancing your video. If this is the case, Clipify's overlays library will come to your aid. The program includes over 200 different decorations, such as stickers, emojis, and callouts. You can also add text and titles to your videos. Let's take a closer look at how to edit a MOV video with this stuff:

  1. Embellish video with clipart. Navigate to the Clipart tab and then browse the categories – shapes, signs, arrows, and many more. Pick an image that you’d like to add or use as the backdrop for your caption. Then drag the sticker to the point on the timeline where you want it to appear.

  2. Add stylish captions. Navigate to the Text tab and select the text style that appeals to you the most. Add it to the timeline by drag and drop. Then enter your caption in the window that pops up and adjust its position on the screen. You may also add fade-in and fade-out animations. On the timeline, change the duration of your caption.

Adding creative text
Tell more with captions and pictures

You now know how to edit MOV files on Windows in 8 different ways with Clipify. However, the program can assist you with much more. For example, if you frequently have online meetings and need to record a Messenger video call, Clipify will help you remove unwanted parts of the videos and enhance the overall quality of the recordings.

Clipify has features ranging from basic, such as slider-based enhancement, to advanced, such as Curves and Chroma Key. Furthermore, this free video editor includes a plethora of transitions, visual effects, title cards, and stock footage to help you create an epic video. It also offers an automatic video wizard for people who value their time and want to streamline the process.

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Other Tools for Editing MOV Files

If you still believe Clipify isn't the best option for you, here are a handful of other apps we recommend trying. The first one is QuickTime, a free video player by Apple. It includes capabilities of video editing for MOV files and was designed in tandem with this video format itself. However, this is a player first and foremost, thus its editing workflow is rather clunky. Also, QuickTime is officially discontinued, so expect no updates or support.

The next option is VLC Media Player. This is also an open-source media player that can be used as a free MOV editing software. Editing with VLC is a bit convoluted as well, but it can be installed on any operating system out there (even Windows 8 and older) and is actively supported.

If you are wondering how to edit MOV videos without installing any additional programs, try using web-based apps, such as Clipchamp. In terms of available features, it's fairly well-rounded. Clipchamp’s tool set allows you to crop, rotate, enhance, and embellish your video, as well as add a soundtrack. It also includes a lot of templates to jumpstart the editing process.

Editing MOV videos with Clipchamp
Making a montage online using Clipchamp


This is how to edit MOV files on Windows 10 or other versions with Clipify! This is a trustworthy MOV movie maker that you can check out for free. Furthermore, it provides powerful editing tools and limitless creative freedom. To top it all off, videos of any format can be edited using the tips on editing MOV files that you've just learned. And if you want to try something else, there are other options on the table, such as Clipchamp, QuickTime, VLC, and more.

So, with a bit of practice, imagination, and a trusty tool at hand, you’ll be able to achieve incredible results in your filmmaking endeavors!

About the author: Brought to you by the Clipify team, movie making enthusiasts. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials and most useful tips on video editing.
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